Woodward leads Stuckart, Spokane air quality worst in nation Tuesday, and other headlines

click to enlarge This photo kinda sums up last night's election results. - DANIEL WALTERS PHOTO
Daniel Walters photo
This photo kinda sums up last night's election results.

NEWS: As water flow in the Little Spokane dips, irrigators will likely see restrictions.

NATION: Some GOP lawmakers are considering legislation on gun restrictions


Did you vote?

Results are in and the mayoral race looks like it will be between Nadine Woodward and Ben Stuckart. As of last night, Woodward had 42 percent of the vote, while Stuckart had 37 percent. Shawn Poole came in third with 12 percent. (Spokesman-Review)

More on City Council president and levies via KREM.

Seattle also had an election
The conservative backlash many were expecting in Seattle doesn't seem to have been as powerful as anticipated. My subscription to the Seattle Times has reached its limit and, I'm not gonna lie, I don't follow Seattle politics closely enough to justify purchasing a subscription. So, here's an update from The Stranger.

But don't let me stop you. The Seattle Times' Danny Westneat says voters don't think "Seattle is dying" after all. (Hopefully your limit for free articles isn't dying either.)

We are number one!
Anxious about elections? Shift that anxiety to health! Spokane's air quality was apparently the worst in the nation yesterday morning. (Spokesman-Review)