I Saw You

March 19


Tool Dancer: You stood in the aisle on the edge the whole show dancing with your blonde friend. You shared your vape with me after you thought you lost it. I should have asked you if you were single but you shared your vape with me (lol). You are petite and a good dancer. You were super nice. If you read this and you are single let me take you out.

Tool review... Cheers to the good review. We are lucky to have them come to our town. What the hell does "Tool's music is not only not for everyone, it's such a challenging polyglot of oft-derided musical styles that it risks not being for anyone" even mean though? They wouldn't pack every show they perform at if this was true... Is the Inlander in need of more concert critics? Haha! Tool makes their own rules and has always had their own unique sound. I was impressed, as was the packed arena! Not many bands can sound as good as the album during live performance... that's real talent!


Got Paper? Cheers to the toilet paper shortage! Finally - a reason to subscribe to the Spokesman.

THANK YOU: I served you breakfast yesterday (Saturday the 14th). You were very friendly and chatted with me about the current sh*tshow unfolding, and were authentically concerned with how it was affecting my livelihood. You shared you were involved with disaster relief, to which I wasn't entirely surprised, as you two were so kind. At the end, you handed me the check presenter... and were gone before I could run out of the kitchen to thank you when I discovered the $100 inside! I was so absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude I teared up. What you didn't know is that I had no groceries at home. And what neither of us knew was that my job would become obsolete the following day. I truly can't thank you enough, there just aren't sufficient words... But you guys are real heros, and you deserve to know that.

Bad timing: Due to the long running messages between us that seem to be misleading, I've decided to roll the dice just one more time in hopes that you get this message and show up. It has been a journey and don't stop believing plays over and over in my mind daily. I hope you are well I think of you often. Meet me at my old running spot at the park on April 3rd around 7pm. We both drive white vehicles now and I used to drive a blue car and so did you. Mine was not a girly tiny car like yours. I would like to converse in person come see me at that location here in Spokane on the north side. This is ME reaching out one last time. My feelings are still real. Red's not your color and pleated tan pants should be outlawed. I hope this gets printed in time. Last time you reached out it got printed to late so I couldn't show up. I'm giving this one last shot because if they come back then it's meant to be.

Safeway Customer Help: I was struggling to pay my bill, I thought I had enough in line but came very, very short. I was putting things back, it was a humiliating experience. Something like that has never happened before, and I just wanted to shrink into a hole and never come out again. I've been having a hell of a time this month, I had to cancel a very important surgery because I got sick and to top it off I almost lost a best friend to an illness (they are doing better) and I've been struggling with my own mental health. Leaving my apartment has been a task. When I got to the line and started putting things back, the gentleman behind me gave me $25 to help pay for my food, and wouldn't take the change back. He just smiled at me, I came nearly to tears over the kindness shown. I want you to know that you helped me more than just with my food. I've been sitting in my apartment feeling sorry for myself for weeks, your actions gave me hope for the future. We always hear these stories about corruption, cruel people but we don't hear enough about the good that people do and that there are great people out there. So thank you, for everything, you helped me feed myself and my mother for a month and you helped me see the good in people again.


Census 2020: I feel this question on the census 2020 is strange in asking are you opposite sex married husband and wife or same sex married husband and wife. If we're tolerant of same sex marriage would it not be same sex married husband and husband or same sex married wife and wife?

Thai Bamboo, 3/12: Hey cool chickie... no one wants to hear your conversation with your mom on speaker phone at volume 11 while we're enjoying our meal. Get a clue and be obnoxious somewhere else.

Thanks for the hysteria: First, thanks to the mainstream media for inciting the COVID19 hysteria when in reality you could have just said wash your hands and stay home. Second, thanks to all the complete idiots who are lining up in endless rows to buy shopping carts full of toilet paper. Your ALL IDIOTS. Your the blind leading the blind. When was the last time TP prevented you or anyone from getting sick? That's right, never! Give it a break people.

Coronavirus: Jeers to the coronavirus and all the CHICKEN LITTLES!!!

Corona panic: Ok people, I know the coronavirus is nothing to laugh at, it's very serious. But hoarding bleach and toilet paper? You know hospitals need those too. And stop believing all the rumors, learn the facts. The only reason this particular strain of the virus is so scary is because it's new. The facts according to the world health organization and the CDC are what you should focus on. Look up those organizations on line. Just some food for thought; according to those organizations, over 4,000 people have died from the coronavirus worldwide since October. But over 52,000 people have died from the flu in the same time span. Know your facts and be smart and we'll all be a lot safer.

Social distancing: I have a whole host of sarcasm for our esteemed mayor. The term social distancing made me laugh, however aside from that thanks for telling Spokane elite how to stay healthy. It was clear in your press statements that you had no helpful advice for the average Spokanite. Sally and Jim-Bob who work a solid 9-5 in a minimum wage job can't just telecommute to work. I get playing the safety card but don't talk to all of Spokane like we can just take a solid week or two off and stay home without it causing a major financial burden on our lives.

Hoarders and Sheeple! Jeers to the jerks buying up every damn hand sanitizer and Lysol spray in Spokane! Then selling dollar store items online for 30x the price! Don't be sheep. Wash your hands. Stop being part of the herd mentality and making it impossible for others to be safe as well. More folks die from influenza, but control the media and you control the sheeple! ♦