Grandfather Rocks

Last traces of ice have melted into the river

the sun is beaming, replenishing the life force

Left over particles of winter are now immersed within current

A well orchestrated compilation of sound

music to my ears, that spring has arrived

I observe all signs of life while being nestled into Mother Earth

I am made of lava and traveled here long ago

The Indigenous peoples called me "grandfather"

and held space for me to be seen and heard

My companions are the new plants

sprouting around me, growing with intention

sharing stories into the night

Me telling them about the old times

So much change in my lifetime, the landscape forever evolving

Becoming less sacred, not as Creator had intended

Few notice the celebration, the change of seasons

Deaf to the songs and prayers made by wild things

Blind to energy and vibration of nature's healing frequency

Only this is certain, the cycle of life will continue

What that entails is up to humankind