Fortuna Major

There is a science to the way the sand falls

from lightly grasping fingers.

It's the journey rising up from underneath,

the loam imprinting patterns on the brain.

Every morning the sun's song kisses the green

and somewhere an egg is hatching.

Below, the earthworms must stay moist to breathe

strong bodies writhing forward, tunneling.

The rabbit's instinct also is to dig and hide

hollowing its secret niche.

Power dances with desire in the dirt that we are made of

shifting in our veins, circling outward.

We're stones cast down the mountain,

seeds borne up and away

rings around a planet

its golden center smoldering.

Originally from Minnesota, LeAnn Bjerken is a poet and part-time mermaid performer.

She has an MFA in creative writing from Eastern Washington University and previously worked as a journalist before turning her hand to freelance writing.