I Saw You

April 2

Early Birds I saw you at the North Market Street Yokes, Thursday morning at 6:30 am. You, the tall handsome man with the baseball cap and gray sweatshirt. We both had a package of paper towels and chatted about the virus and the morning on our way to the parking lot. You have such a cute smile and sweet personality, you made my day :) Hope I made yours too!

Pitmaster I saw you at Lowe's looking at all those smokers. DC Shirt, relaxed fit jeans, ruddy hair peeking out from under your baseball cap. You're the one who's smoking hot! Then I saw you delivering BBQ to a sick friend in need. Risking your life for a friend. I see you!

Quarantine Cutie I saw you from the across the room... In our house, because we are in self quarantine. But you always make it fun, easier and more Comfortable. I really am so lucky I did see you from across the room almost 3 years ago. Your smile still lights any room up.

Hi-Co Dave It's been about 12 years but I think about you daily. I couldn't wait for you to stop in every morning for your red bull and newspaper... I usually had them both ready so I could get a hug from you and have your smell on me all day. Then out the door you went to sell cars. We had many many good times together and I'd like to see if there is more out there for us. We use to go down to the park and sit on the picnic tables...if you see or read this Dave meet me at our park let's try again. Saturday @11.

SEMPER FI I would like to give a shout out to all our military personnel. Thank you for serving and making us safe. You rock!!! God bless America!

Wake up! If you are using this pandemic to exercise your racism you have never directed it at me. I am directing this to you. May you realize immediately and completely all of the pain that you cause. May you seek forgiveness and then make amends. If you fail to do this may your every racist thought and action be frustrated and all of the pain that you attempt to inflict be returned to you. May every one of your loved ones and friends learn exactly who you are. Choose wisely.

Thank you for serving and making us safe. You rock!!! God bless America!

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Jennie Bennie Birthday shout out to a one of a kind for last Saturday. Jennie Bennie, she's smart, funny, kind, talented, loving and generous. She's a beautiful person. Sorry I can be such an obnoxious Jackwagon sometimes. Cheers to the all night talks, dinners, dates, cheesecakes and river walks. Seems like a lifetime ago but you'll always be the love of my life I hope you know.

Thanks to all of our first responders! "Shout out and a big thank you to all the people on the front lines; doctors, nurses, police, people who serve, delivery drivers, all the people staying home... And a special shout out to my son. Sawyer who works at Frankie doodles, my daughter Chelsey who works at Safeway on Hamilton, and my daughter Shaela who works at Walmart in the valley you all are my true heros stay well and happy love mom "

EARTH ANGELS I would like to give a shout out to law enforcement and first responders. The other day my 8 year old son is out being a kid and riding his scooter and some dude asks him if he wants lollipop? I called crime check and after I hung up with the very efficient female officer I swear it seemed like maybe 15 minutes and an officer arrived to question my son about what had happened. Then another officer arrived. First responders are up against so much and without them it would be far more worse of a nightmare.

PEACE AMONG CHAOS In light of all the bad things happening in the world today I would like to spread some positive vibes. Thank you to all the people maintaining the order in such chaos. Such as, Law Enforcement, Medics, Firefighters, School Personnel, Government Officials, State Officials and the list goes on and so does the beat. We are praying. God bless us all. Peace be with you.

Re: Spokane Hoarders Cheers to the Spokane Hoarders jeers about Spokane people not being special. You couldn't have stated it better. Regarding this current outbreak, I wonder why people aren't more worried about how fat people are getting. Diabetes will kill many people this year primarily due to their fatness, but nobody is interested in talking about that. According to a recent study, obesity kills more people than car crashes, terrorism, and alzheimers. I wonder why people aren't as concerned about this as they are a virus? On a related note, cheers to the state leaving open the pot shops because I know that the only people going there are those for medical reasons. Smoking and respiratory illness go hand in hand, but congratulations on keeping them open primarily for medical reasons because everyone knows that those are the primary people supporting the weed shops at this time. Also, cheers to all the news on March 24 about it being World Tuberculosis Day. Considering TB killed 15 million people over the last 10 years and 13 million in the US have latent infection, it makes sense that the news media focused so much on this this year rather than the several thousand deaths due to this new virus in the US this year. Cheers to the news media for focusing solely on the new virus. Nothing else is important anymore. This also includes the 100,000 people who will die from hospital acquired infections this year just as they have every year for decades. That news isn't nearly as important. So, great job to those who profess to be reporting "facts, not fear". BS!

To businesses taking advantage Recently, one of our clients received word that they could skip 3 auto payments due to what is going on right now YET interest would still be charged. REALLY?!?! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! THIS IS NOT helping someone. It is screwing them! We do business with this company. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! Our loyalty is no more!!!!!

Sidewalk dooty Whoever continuously allows their dog to defecate on the south sidewalk on E. Windsong in between Myrtle and Havana without bothering to pick it up is a subhuman idiot who doesn't care about common decency and respect. Twice now I've stepped in your dog's sidewalk crap and I'm sick of it. I thought this was a good neighborhood until you came along. ♦