Home Times

Among the disruptions of the "stay home, stay healthy" era, there were some bright spots for our family. Getting extra time with our two college students has been a treat, and they've been good sports about the whole thing. Our high school student has definitely enjoyed having his brothers back in the house, and the slowdown has given him time to explore the vast opportunities of... the kitchen. He's baked many loaves of bread and even made udon noodles that he kneaded with his feet (not as horrifying as it sounds — the dough was in a Ziploc bag). And no one has ever been more excited to get gojuchang from Korea. (It's yummy — try some if you haven't already.)

In this issue's Food section, we feature another at-home kitchen whiz, photographer and co-founder of Spokane's Hunt restaurant, Jed Conklin, who shares recipes for an amazing meal.

And whether you want to keep a record of your own kitchen creativity, track your progress toward a goal, or express yourself through words and art, keeping a journal offers limitless possibilities. In her story, "Journeys in Journaling," LeAnn Bjerken finds, "There's hope in an empty journal." What better time to start than during the languid days of summer in an undeniably memorable year?

To your health!