I Saw You

June 4


Not a mistake: Thank you for reaching out, making the connection, and not allowing me to sabotage this. I appreciate your patience and persistence. I second guessed my intuition, which I know to be infallible. That is the source of my mixed messages, and I apologize. My illness caused me to become emotionally dormant for awhile, all in the interest of healing. My encounter with you woke me out of my stupor, out of myself, caused me to feel and care and wonder about someone else again, a much needed change in perspective. You are wise and kind and good; this connection is deep and intense, and I look forward to moving forward with you. Life is good. Thanks again.


PINES DUTCH BROS: I LOVE my Dutch Bros crew on Pines! I swear I would not have survived working from home and quarantine if not for them! Their line is always long and they cheerfully work through it so quickly! They have been the only normal in life for the last two months and I am so grateful for all they do!

Thank you for the breakfast: I was in the drive thru at Taco Bell in Rathdrum shortly after 9 am on Friday. The girl in the Chevy Cavalier in front of me bought my breakfast because her order took long to prepare. I just wanted to say "thank you" and I hope the universe does something awesome for you in return for being such a sweet and considerate human.

Cut us off at Wake Up Call: To the cute blonde in the big black SUV who cut my boyfriend and I off at Wake Up Call on N. Division — thanks for noticing and buying our drinks!! We weren't really upset and it wasn't necessary, but that was super nice of you — we'll keep an eye out for you so maybe we can repay the favor : )

To Avista My Father worked for W.W.P.: And I cannot tell you how proud I am of you for carrying on his legacy... you are an important chain in Spokane's life... you're AMAZING... Thank you.


Please don't hurt our town: We are Children of the Sun... remember that always.

Oblivious driver: I would like to say a very sarcastic thank you to the lady who completely obliterated my Tahoe on Wednesday the 27th. I was traveling south on Sullivan, in the left lane, green light for me, and you decide to come tearing into the intersection. You were in the right lane coming off of I-90, and not only did you not yield to oncoming traffic, you didn't get into the lane nearest you, like you're supposed to. You decide to punch it and go directly into the left lane. I couldn't turn right, obviously, and had I swerved left, I would have driven onto the concrete median, which you ended up pushing me onto anyhow, nearly sending me into oncoming traffic. I had no out. Not sure how one doesn't see a full size SUV, at 4 pm, on a cloud free day, and my DRLs which are LEDs, were on. Thanks a million for destroying my once very reliable, dependable, means of transportation. Just trying to get home after a long day at work. In the future, try and not be in such a hurry to get to Walmart, and obey the rules of the road!

He died for your sins: To the downtown protestors, made mostly of white females, who ignored social distancing to make a national tragedy all about themselves, congratulations. But when you use a black man's death 2,000 miles away as an excuse to create a spectacle of yourself you trivialize the entitlement and objectification that's rooted in what happened. Stopping traffic in downtown Spokane on a beautiful Sunday afternoon was without sacrifice and accomplished nothing. Maybe instead, next time help someone capable of actual change win the Washington primary.

News fuels the fire: Jeers to all the local news outlets for going on and on about the protests gone awry 5-31-20. You held brand new TV hostage for hours. Not everyone has the net or cable. Plus you are all just repeating the same stuff over and over. As an added bonus you are just giving the peeps bragging rights. Yeah we made the news. When I called a station to complain she said "think of it like a wild fire we're providing up to the minute coverage." No you're providing more fuel for the social fire. Whatever happened to "details at eleven"? That's what used to happen. The news people would come on for 10 minutes maybe then go back to the program then provide all the details at 11 pm. All you media seem to do is stoke anger and fear. Knock it off quit providing ner do wells with their 2 hours plus of fame. VZ

White Trash: To the white female protester who screamed at me about my "white privilege." I certainly did not get off my couch and drive downtown to show support for YOUR white ass.

Opposites Do Not Attract: Oh, so you are going to rip out beds painstakingly tended to because "you're a grass guy?" must not listen to climate scientists. Oh, so you're going to have multiple people over every week during lockdown? Loudly. Flaunting it. You must not listen to health scientists. Oh, but people want to come over! Heaven forbid you tell them no, we should survive this stupid virus! Or stagger gatherings for every two weeks. Ridiculous and selfish.

Support Local Dine In Restaurants: Dear Sheeple of Spokane, many of the fast food restaurants have been doing quite well financially since the "stay at home" order several months ago. The traditional dine in restaurants haven't fared so well. Now as they open, why not forego the fast food lines and dine in at your favorite open restaurant? Naturally, the fast food places also have the option of opening their facilities under the same guidelines as the non-fast food places, but they've decided not to do so because of the larger profit margin from serving only by the drive through. They can then save money by not having to abide by the cleaning standards inside. So, rather than wait in line outside in back of a bunch of other cars for food that will be cold by the time you get it home, why not just say "no" and go to a nice restaurant where you can sit down at a clean table and have a warm meal? Just say no to drive through fast food.

Too PC to Ask the Hard Questions: Just read the most recent Inlander. One submission in the comments section on "Snitches". The City of Spokane (STATE) has demanded that we ALL sacrifice for the greater good. That in a International crisis is understandable. However WHAT is the City sacrificing? Their employees are getting paid to work at home — the ones that can with full pay and benefits. They have not made an effort to even address the fact that the forced unemployment of most the rest of us means they are being paid by people out of work —forced out of work. NO landlord can kick out renters. But the rent is accruing — how is THAT going to be paid when this is over as SOMEDAY? So you're going to have all these evicted people out on the streets for rent they can't pay back. I talked to my business insurance company today about the fact I didn't even net the amount of monthly premium that is due ALL last month. Tough! They (just like the City) aren't budging an inch! I can tell you when renewal comes up it won't be with them — IF I survive! Which bring me to property taxes and other fees to the City! So the City wants "Everyone" to pitch in by staying at home and do their part. BUT WHERE IS THEIR SKIN IN THE GAME??????

Covid exposure: To the punks who broke into my car for a buck in change, I wanted to let you know you may have been exposed to COVID as I tested positive. All for a buck in change!

Dear family: I don't miss you. I don't miss the awful holiday dinners because I don't miss knowing that before I arrived and after I left, y'all would be making fun of me behind my back. I don't miss any of the non holiday family gatherings because I don't miss being silenced mid-sentence so you can have the attention back. I don't miss the times you came to my shows because I don't miss having to twist your arm to get you to acknowledge me, only to have the thing I am proud of be another thing you mock me for (nor do I miss the disruptive attention seeking antics at said shows). I don't miss the "pOsItIvE MeMoRiEs" you insist we have because I don't miss being gaslit about abuse being a fun time for all involved. Keep my dead name out of your horrible mouths. Your scapegoat is gone, your golden child is a bronzed fraud and the only person who thought we were family is DEAD. I don't miss you, I don't love any of you and I hope you choke on the vapor you selected instead of a complete family. ♦