I Saw You

House of Pain:
I remember you when you and another associate mocked a member of the secretary staff referring to her as "Barbie" behind her back. But, as it turned out, her cosmetics were used to cover a childhood injury. Is that why both of you left suddenly? I remember you.

S.P.C. LKA: Browne's: I saw on FB you are back in Spokane. May the odds be in your favor, Karma

Life is good and also strange: I'm not sure how I made the connection, but I listened to my intuition just as you did. Maybe that scared me a bit? This IS deep and intense, and I'm an awkward person who doesn't know how to handle things sometimes. But I know what I told you some time ago to be true: I really value and respect your opinion. I meant it when I wrote that I don't want to cause any stress or anxiety. I'm sorry if I, too, have sent mixed messages. I'm going through a lot of personal changes right now, in addition to the larger things at play for all of us in this country. If I overshare my thoughts, then know that it's only because I feel that I can be honest with you. If I ask you what you think, it's only because I value your insight. I only hope that things can be as they were, that we can talk about our mutual interests and maybe how they relate to the larger things happening in the world. But if it's too much, know that I respect your feelings. I'm going to share some good news with you after this is posted and maybe at that point we can move forward? And if not, I understand. I don't think there is a manual for this. I'm just trying to be my authentic self, nothing more and nothing less. Either way, thank you for taking me seriously, and for your generosity of spirit.

Minding my own.
You saw me minding my own business and keeping My distance. Maybe I had a mask this day, and maybe not. You had YOUR mask on and kept 6 feet apart, so why would you even attempt to bully another person for not wearing one, or getting too close to you at the market?!? Tattling and snitching, or peer pressure (as the governor put it)... this is how tyranny starts people! Small, little changes until it becomes normal. People turning in small businesses, or threatening to shame people for wanting to breathe fresh air. How dare you all. This kind of behavior and thinking is dangerously close to socialism. This is the road we are heading on if you people don't WAKE the hell UP! Worry about you and yours, and keep your distance from the others.

Wendy's near the Y in (Spokane): 7/2/2020 close to 10 pm: You had the drive-thru cashier tell me you like the Science Fiction Stickers on my back Jeep window. We gave each other a thumbs up. Since moving here a couple of years ago it's been work and not much socializing now with COVID-19 not many chances to socialize. I am a Geek of course ISO of like-minded to socialize with in the future. Tell me which show most interests you. See Craigslist for contact info!

And I saw you seeing me... I'm not going to offer numbers. I don't go out enough to gather a viable cross section of nasty looks, but I gotta wonder. Why do so many of the people waxing irate over the issue of face masks, bare such striking similarity to people you'd see under white pointy hoods? Yes, having to wear face masks is a pain in the ass. So are parking meters, Out Of Order signs and getting short changed at the grocery store. Masks don't kill people, COVID-19 kills people.

Two Young Men @ Hayden Walmart:
Wednesday July 1st @ 730 pm. I just wanted to say Cheers! To the two young men, who when leaving Walmart, noticed and assisted a lady by loading her vehicle with her purchases before continuing on their way. I don't know any of you but seeing the look on the womans face and the other onlookers who noticed, it was so nice to witness the exchange. Thank you. God Bless.

Bad at Compliments: I just wanted to tell you how much your compliment meant to me. I haven't been told by many that my love and care for my work is obvious. It honestly meant so much to hear and I appreciate you! Thank you again!

Cheers! Cheers to the Inlander for printing all those Jeers about folks not wearing masks. It was quite entertaining, and eye-opening, to see how many people whine about what OTHER people are doing and repeating the mainstream media's narrative as gospel! I sure hope the Inlander continues to print ALL viewpoints for us, and not just the popular herd view!

Yawn: Cheers to the graduating class of 2020. Now put a fork in it.

Maskless gym members: To those downtown gym members who do not wear masks. You are putting the lives of all the others in the gym at risk. And your selfishness will eventually cause the gym to close again. Perhaps for good due to bankruptcy. Exercise that muscle between your ears more often.

Race by color: The Human Species matters regardless of the color of their skin. The moment you start placing people in "color" categories is the moment where you may be a racist. Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue... come on people we are all Americans from the HUMAN RACE, we aren't crayons

Mask or no mask: It's my right to wear a mask or whether not to. If I'm inside I follow the rules but if I'm outside then it's not a state requirement. Just remember that my freedom doesn't end where your fear begins. Also if you are so worried about people at Walmart and Costco then maybe it's best that you stay home and stop judging people that dont.

No Mask No Service Time: to care for the well being of all of us. No excuses. If you have a medical condition to not wear a mask, what are you doing outside? If you can't breathe, stay home. Constitutional right, Not! Don't tell me what to do, think again. You're already being told, speed limit signs, get a drivers license, pay taxes, both state and IRS. Get a marriage license, perhaps a blood test first, passport for international travel, commit a crime, go to jail, or pay a fine. There are consequences for all of one's actions or inactions. However, not wearing a mask, endangers those around you & perhaps your loved ones. Look around at all the people who do care, by wearing a mask. Grow up and participate so we can put this pandemic behind us. No excuse whatsoever to not wear a mask. If you don't, I could care less if you get infected for being really inconsiderate, in fact plain stupid. Mask Wearers United!, & let the corona wanna bees know how ridiculous they really are. Let's all stand up for the good of our community and forbid their entrance into any and all businesses.

Voting not enough: You are right. When only 55% of voters nationally actually vote. Only 61% in our state voted in 2016 where you can vote from home. Imagine what can be accomplished if 90% vote. Low voter participation is the weak foundation of our democracy. The electoral college is not the problem. Lazy non-voters are. ♦