Sneak Peek: 2020’s hot gifts, Chick-fil-A, the COVID app, forget being nice to the naughty, Zags and much more

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Remember after 9/11 when George W. Bush told us we should all go shopping lest the terrorists win? Oh, how we laughed! What dullard would make such a cold-hearted suggestion while we grieved the loss of nearly 3,000 souls!

We’re not going to make the same mistake, certainly not with 260,000 Americans already dead from the coronavirus. But with millions unemployed, the economy in lockdown and the federal government unconscionably crapping the bed, we are going to suggest that we’d all be better off if — when we shopped — we made a special effort to patronize businesses local and small. 

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos doesn’t need any more of our money: His personal wealth has grown by $70 billion since the start of the pandemic. You need not be a Bernie Bro to root for a neighborhood business in a battle against a monopoly like his. You can be pro-commerce, pro-capitalism, pro-business, pro-worker and pro-jobs (including the million at Amazon) and still be concerned about what happens when one company crushes all the rest.

So after you browse through this week’s GIFT GUIDE — in the newest issue hitting stands today — consider this final appeal to your patriotism: Shop local lest the Bezoses of the world win.

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