Revision in a Cup

The new-and-improved Revive takes a simple but high-quality approach

An accountant-turned baker and chef, Tonya Wallschleger, combines attention to detail with an enthusiastic respect for high-quality beverages and cuisine at Revive Coffee.

“Our lattes are made with real pumpkin, not pumpkin spice. So, if you want pumpkin spice then this latte probably isn’t for you,” says Wallschleger, who has owned and managed Revive since June.

It’s hard to imagine the pumpkin latte not being for anyone. Barista Mikayla Grant prepares the drink with a chai base, a shot of Roast House espresso and lots and lots of pumpkin. The latte’s sweet spice and deep Persian-orange foam melts into a generous espresso undertow that drags you back in for more. Even the Americano is deeply robust.

Grant explains that each drink is prepared individually and the goal is to avoid a homogenized chain-like coffee experience. The coffee is fair-trade and locally roasted, but there is nothing pretentious about its preparation, or about Revive itself. The place is bright, friendly and offers up lunch sandwiches (the menu tops out at $8), soup, breakfast sandwiches, quiche and some amazing pound cake prepared from scratch using a trusted family recipe. Every food item, with the exception of bagels, is prepared in-house.

Unlike other coffee shops offering a broad menu, Revive Coffee makes good use of its space along Nevada Street — both behind and in front of the counter. The result is a vibrant shop with plenty of table seating for groups, along with some well-placed, wing-back chairs for those who like to be left alone.

When Wallschleger took over Revive, she decided to keep the name, change the menu and amp up the atmosphere with a clean wall suited for displaying local artists’ work. She envisioned a coffee shop where people linger over coffee, visit with friends or take time to study. Revive is one of the few coffee shops in Spokane that caters to the late-night, north side student population. This Friday the café is open until 11 pm for Game Night. So bring your own board game and a craving for pumpkin latte — it’s a seasonal item, so get it while it lasts. 

Revive Coffee • 6704 N. Nevada, Suite 1 • Open Mon-Fri 6 am-6 pm; Sat-Sun 7 am-6 pm • 315-8945