Preview new supergroup: Flying Spiders

When we saw the line-up for next week's Astronautalis show (Aclub, Oct. 10), we weren't surprised to see Bad Penmanship on the bill. But Flying Spiders? Who the hell...? 

Well, we got word yesterday who they are — and it's not an exaggeration to say it's Spokane's next supergroup. The band is (INHALE) a collaboration between Isamu Jordan (Bad Penmanship) on the mic, Vinnie Nickeloff (Big Wang Theory/Vax Lavala) on drums, Rajah Bose (Picture Radio) on violin/vocals, Armando Arguello (Son Dulce/the Longnecks) on upright bass, Pete Johnson (Longnecks) on guitar, Jamal Ali on keys and vocals, Thuy Dzuong-Nguyen on piano, Sparky, Pancho P and Zac Fawcett (Groove Patrol, Real Life Rockaz) on horns and the Smooth Soul Eclectics singing back-up. Phew.

And if they can keep getting everyone in one room to practice, then they'll keep playing shows, according to Jordan. Jordan says they'll play some of his original songs as a group next week — including this one, "Fadism," a track Jordan recorded with Jeremy Hughes.

Download it here, and check them out live next week.