Five songs to get you to vote!

Alright, better get outta bed and vote, you lazy schlubs. Today is the last day to get your ballot in, and your best bet is probably to put it in one of the dropboxes around town.

I know, I know — you think your voice doesn't matter. Well, maybe. But apathy won't do you any good. Speak up and make your opinions known. And to get you that much more inspired, here are some of our favorite politically minded songs to get you all fired up. Listen up, and fill in those little black circles all the way!

Metric "Combat Baby"
This is the song that brought the Toronto band into the mainstream — one that frowns on the state of political affairs at the time (and really, what's changed?) and made a youthful statement to keep fighting.

Neil Young "Ohio"
A song that Young wrote after seeing the photos of the Kent State massacre in Life magazine. It's a song of outrage — and one of the boldest political songs of its time.

Black Sabbath "War Pigs"
Back when Ozzy was just a young chap, he fronted Black Sabbath — one of the first heavy metal bands that is still relevant today. And this song, though thought to be written about Vietnam, pretty much applies to any conflict you want it to.

Flaming Lips "The W.A.N.D."
It stands for "The Will Always Negates Defeat" — and, when you think about the song in terms of voting, it certainly sends a clear message that speaking up is better than not speaking at all.

Dead Kennedys "Holiday In Cambodia"
One of my favorite punk songs of all time. The 1980 song hammers Western complacency during the brutal Pol Pot regime in Cambodia at the time. A punk masterpiece.