Morning Headlines: Re-emergence

Hate bomb The proximity of the planned bomb attack near the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade has investigators focusing on the area's white supremacist groups. After all, 15 years ago, racists were responsible for three different bomb attacks in the Spokane area. 

Foster care nightmare A two-year old died in foster care on Jan. 16 2009, after she -- according to the foster family -- fell down a flight of stairs. Now that the death has been ruled a homicide, family of the child is suing the foster home, seeking at least $50,000.

The comic book villain of potholes No matter how times street crews think they've eliminated a pothole on the South Hill, it keeps reemerging, cackling all the way.

Mob justice The days of the horseheads and pinstripes may be gone, but the mob still festers. But now, the FBI has arrested nearly 130 mobsters in a massive sweep of the New York/New Jersey/Rhode Island area.  Mob families don't die, of course. They just suddenly cut to black.