MORNING HEADLINES: Cops, Egypt and a bomb hoax

Police Crash — Last night, a police car hit a pedestrian while responding to a call. Paramedics arrived but the man died early Monday morning. The names of the pedestrian and the officer have not been released. (SR)

Parking Fines — Tonight the Spokane City Council will vote on whether to raise parking meter fines from $15 to $25, a measure that Council President Joe Shogan supports. If it passes, it is estimated to raise another $400,000 in revenue per year from parking tickets. (SR)

Mass Foreign Policy Summit — After the uprising in Tunisia and protests in Egypt, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is holding an unprecedented mass meeting of almost all the 260 U.S. ambassadors. Beginning today, the ambassadors will discuss U.S. foreign policy for 2011. (AP)

Bomb Hoax — Another bomb scare turns out to be a fake. The suspicious package found near the Kootenai County Jail was investigated by the bomb squad and visitors had to be evacuated for several hours. The bomb was actually a cell phone and battery attached to a road flare. (KXLY)