Stolen Wallet

This jeers isn't for the creep who decided to take the credit cards from my
lost wallet DAYS before Christmas. It's for myself for be careless enough
to lose it in the first place. Or for even leaving the house in the first
place. After the usual holiday stress plus working in retail and not having
a day off in ages, it was silly of me to think I could take my kid out to a
cheap movie night or do anything other than wait on others hand and foot.
Hope you enjoyed the free gas, week of free bus rides, cosmetology cards,
cute ID picture and random receipts. Consider it your Christmas gift. You
obviously needed that stuff more than I did. Double jeers to me for
believing that someone would have the decency to turn it in when they
realized there was no cash, just a child support debit card. If you decide
your Christmas gift wasn't really what you wanted after all, feel free to
return it to where you found it.