To those uninformed/misinformed people who comment on marijuana use and its
physical and social effects. You claim that it's a gateway drug, and you're
making a false correlation. Instead of polling heavy drug users (meth
heads, etc.) , asking them if their miserable lives began by smoking weed,
why not report on how many older pot smokers are out there, who have not
gone on to hard drugs? I'm sure you'll find plenty with good jobs, decent
families, and robust health. Have you ever considered that the mighty
pharmaceutical lobby fears full legalization of something that can be
produced for free (with a bit of light, water, and nutrients) that provides
physical and mental relief, because they would lose millions of dollars in
their manufactured, dangerous drugs? Moreover, why not poll those same hard
drug users, and ask them if they drank alcohol before their destructive
habit? But, alcohol is okay, because it's legal, right? The same people who
fear the sweet-scented clouds of cannabis are amid a smoke screen of their
own. Nobody is asking you to try it. Just do a bit of research before
commenting on the matter.