MORNING BRIEFING: Falling WSU kids, Paul Ryan is a beefcake, Biden snickers


Perhaps WSU should look into bars for windows and circus nets for below: the fourth WSU student in a month falls from a window. Booze was not a factor.

Drugs were a factor, however, in a man driving his SUV through the front of Empire Office Furniture last night.

When it rains this weekend, you can't complain. We haven't had any measurable rainfall in TWO months.

Turns out the Boy Scouts were keeping hidden records — called "perversion files" — not only on volunteers suspected of molesting children, but also on volunteers they thought might be gay.

Biden in 2016?

Paul Ryan does a really, really, really respectable photoshoot.

A giant eyeball washes ashore in Miami. Uh, awesome?

Michael Vick got a dog.


Joe Biden had a great time last night.