MORNING BRIEF: Shootings and a stampede to start the new year


One person died and two people were injured in two shooting incidents in Spokane overnight. A suspect in the first incident was caught with the help of a police helicopter and extra law enforcement resources for New Year's Eve. (Spokesman-Review and SPD)

Updates on the Oregon bus crash: First responders had trouble reaching the bus because of the steep embankment and icy conditions. The bus was carrying Korean tourists and some Americans. (Seattle Times)


The Senate approved a fiscal cliff deal that includes higher taxes on the wealthy, and now it goes to the House. (WaPo)

A Shell drilling rig ran aground in Alaska amid rough seas. That's exactly what officials had been trying to avoid after the barge broke free last Thursday on its way back to Seattle. (LA Times)

At least 60 people were killed in a stampede in Ivory Coast during a New Year's fireworks celebration. (NYT)

Gunmen in Pakistan killed five primary school teachers and two aid workers. (AP)