Car Burglar

Jeers to the a&& hole that decided to ransack my car on Friday night. I'm
sorry that you have no life and have nothing better to do than rummage
through someone elses things. Thankfully I had left one door unlocked so
that you did not have to break a window. Yes, Jeers to myself as well for
leaving a door unlocked, but I guess it saved me in the long run. Thank you
for leaving your trash in my car, and taking everything out of every nook
and cranny, and spreading it all over the front seat! Next time you do
something like this, at least take something worth my time and effort of
cleaning up after you! All you managed to take was my coffee card, I hope
you enjoyed the free drinks that I had saved up on there. Maybe you could
bring me one....20 oz triple mocha iced with skim milk.