Erratic Driver

On the night of March 12th, I followed a Dodge Ram pickup truck out of
Rathdrum, Idaho at about 9:15 PM going towards Spirit Lake. You had pulled
out of the McDonald's parking lot and turned left to go over the railroad
tracks. My 16 year old son and I had observed how erratically you were
driving, going into the other lane many times. Just after the speed changed
to 55mph you pulled over, not very well, you were still half way in the
road. We carefully went around you. My son said we should call ISP. We did.
I watched you in my rear view mirror all the way to Spirit Lake. Many times
you went completely in the other lane. I could see both head lights of the
following vehicle. In fact there were 2 or 3 vehicles behind you and they
would NOT pass as you were driving so crazily. My son was on the phone the
whole time to ISP and he was almost crying because we thought you were
going to kill someone. The Spirit Lake officer finally got you pulled over
after you tried to run away. Peeling out, no headlights and I thought you
were going to hit my car. You should not be allowed on the road at all. I
was contacted by the police and you weren't drunk! They are only charging
you with crossing the center line. I think it should have been reckless
driving. You are a complete moron and should not be allowed behind the
wheel. Anyone who witnessed this moron driving should contact the Spirit
Lake police, Kootenai County sheriffs department, or the ISP. I am hoping
more people will come forward and be witnesses. This man should not be
driving as people's lives are at risk.