To Ty-Bear & Mishka Mishka

We want you to know just how proud we are of you two! Graduating high
school with honors, attending college full time, and working your butts off
to support yourselves in your own place now!! Here is a young man who is
smart, hilarious, handsome, respectful and has an amazing big heart!; and
here is a young woman who is beautiful, intelligent, funny, and loving!
Together they are couple who's love for each other will withstand any
obstacle life puts in their way. Your father and I love you two with all
our hearts and are so proud of you that we want everyone (at least those
who read the Inlander lol!) to know just how much! And I am so blessed to
have an amazing big brother/ role model for my kai-bear to have in his
life. Love you two and your new hedgehog too! Lots of love, "Us"