A new logo for Spokane Riverkeeper

About a year ago, Spokane Riverkeeper Bart Mihailovich started plans for a new logo for the program — something that would symbolize the mission of protecting the health of the river, and be clean and simple enough to look good at small sizes.

Yesterday, the new logo was unveiled:

It was designed by two Eastern Washington University students interning with Thinking Cap, a local advertising and design company that also worked on Spokane Riverkeeper brochures.

“Both interns did great work, and explored designs requests from me, the staff and the board,” Mihailovich says in a press release. “In the end, the final logo was a design combination from both students and I’m thrilled with the new logo.”

On the Spokane Riverkeeper blog, he explains it will be a slow transition because they’re going to continue using up old business cards, brochures and other materials. However, if you see the old logo online anywhere that would be easy to replace, let them know.

A new logo for Spokane Riverkeeper
Previous Spokane Riverkeeper logo

Tomorrow morning there’s also an opportunity to get out and help the river yourself at the 3rd annual Spring Spokane River Clean Up event hosted by Spokane Riverkeeper and Gonzaga University groups.

There will be DOMA coffee and breakfast treats to get volunteers ready for some trash cleaning along the banks of the river. Anyone interested in volunteering should meet at 9:30 at the TJ Meenach Bridge near the entrance to Riverside State Park. Bring the kids, and make sure everyone’s dressed appropriately for getting a little dirty.