Re: Bambi

I'm having a hard time trying to decide if this was a joke, or if the writer is REALLY that stupid! Honestly, blaming a deer for ruining, basically, your whole life. Poor, poor man. Have you ever heard of defensive driving, being alert at all times while behind the wheel (or handlebars, in your case)? But no, that "Ef"ing deer jumped right out in front of you, as if he/she were intentionally trying to harm you. Maybe he missed the "look-both-ways-before-you-cross-the-street" class, probably out cavorting with his other "alQaeda" pals when he shoulda been studying with his "pea-sized brain"! STUPID DEER..guess he learned HIS lesson, huh? Maybe you should start taking responsibility for your own actions, instead of always blaming others. Sorry about missing Father's Day with your kids (must have taken you this long to be able to actually regain the use of your fingers??) I'm sure they missed out on a great opportunity to spend quality time with their quality Dad!