Smashed Tomatoes

Jeers to the jerks who on Saturday night (8/20) went into my garden and
smashed it up. Do you heartless pieces of dog poop realize that I am
disabled and have worked very hard on my garden? Or that the garden was
being grown as a community garden to help my neighbors to supplement their
food budgets? Or that I would have shared it with you to, had you just
asked? I'm sorry if you felt the need to destroy something, but you have
hurt us in a way you probably won't ever comprehend. After your little
visit, I had to clean up all the smashed tomatos and cucumbers, and I'm
trying to save the remainder of the plants. Thank goodness that Mother
Nature blessed us and the remainder of what was left are slowly coming
back, although it can never replace what was lost. I hope you're pleased
with yourself.