Morning Headlines: Rain, tornados, rat fires

Number of retiring educators doubles The Spokane and Central Valley school districts saw twice as many personnel — half of them teachers — retire this year. (SR)

Petitioners trying to nix candy tax Signature gatherers — funded by soda makers — have hit the streets to repeal the new tax on candy, soda and gum. (Olympian) Meanwhile, state budget makers have found another $203 million hole in the economic forecast.

Not everybody can't stand the rain Dry land farmers say all this wet weather could spell their best crop in 15 years. (KXLY)

Tornado tears through Billings Check out the video. (KREM)

Rat burns down Veterans hall Investigators believe a rat chewed through an electrical wire on a jukebox at the Veterans hall in Yakima, caught itself on fire and returned to its nest, where it sparked a $1 million blaze. (KHQ)