MORNING HEADLINES: Hoopfest turns into Wild West film

Shooting at Hoopfest No, no free throws. Shots were fired after a fight broke out near the Rotary Fountain on Saturday. Three were lightly injured. Five have been arrested. (KREM) KXLY talks to the victims.

Geiger inmate escapes Hoopfest work crew He's still on the loose. (KXLY)

Idaho leans (even more) to the right Tea Party conservatives took the tiller at the state's Republican Convention, held in Idaho Falls this weekend. (SR)

Deer Park man liens too far Ronald James Davenport was indicted for filing fraudulent multi-billion-dollar liens against the federal government (News-Tribune)

Phosphate ban spreads Though Spokane and Whatcom counties have forbidden phosphate-laden detergents since 2008, starting Thursday the ban will spread to all of Washington and Oregon (P-I)