CITY HALL EYEBALL: Paying for pain, parks

While most subjects of the Inland Empire are discussing who won what Emmy's yesterday, here in The Inlander newsroom, we're all about another exciting week in government machinations.

What will Spokane city council members utter during their rapturous council reports? What will Bill Gothmann note and comment upon this week in his weekly email? How many times will Commissioner Bonnie Mager find herself on the lonely end of a 2-1 vote?

Break a leg. On Nov. 17, 2009, Ronald Knutson was touring the old Carnation Dairy building in downtown Spokane, which is currently owned by the city, as a potential contractor for a hazardous materials survey. On his way down a four-foot ladder, Knutson fell and broke his tibular platform, otherwise known as his knee. During reconstructive surgery, a blood clot released and caused Knutson to suffer a pulmonary aneurysm. Tonight, the city council will vote to settle a civil claim (pdf) against the city for $190,000.

Park Aid. Tomorrow, Spokane County commissioners will vote to give the city of Spokane $380,000. The money comes from Conservation Future Funds and will go toward the purchase of the Gusman property, 100 acres in the Palisades.

Vaycay. The Spokane Valley City Council will not meet this week.

Happy guvment-ing!