MORNING HEADLINES: Obama to pray in Tucson, Hump Day Bonus Link on drunk birds!

'Blood libel.' Sarah Palin denounces critics who blame her "crosshairs" graphic for last week's mass killing in Tucson. (BBC)

Mourner in chief. President Obama to lead bipartisan memorial service in Tucson tonight for the six killed during assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. (AP)

Further delay. Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker says he's delaying for another week any decision on the shooting of a 74-year-old Spokane Valley man by a Sheriff's deputy on Aug. 25. (KXLY)

 Why you were late for work. Two-car, one-semitruck pileup on bridge just west of downtown turned I-90 into an elevated parking lot. (SR)

Hand-cranked relief. In Haiti, a year after the earthquake, people are getting rid of the rubble with a hand-powered crusher. (NPR)

Hasselbeck the dad. Seattle quarterback hoists his kid onto his shoulders, but still has the team on his back. (Seattle Times)

BONUS! Drunk birds. At least in Romania, birds that crashed out of the sky, dead, had been drinking. This is science, we can't make this up! (BBC)