John Waite's Terran marine costume was a one-time deal

City council candidate John Waite told The Inlander today that he’s retooling his campaign: No longer will he wave campaign signs while dressed up as a StarCraft character.

You may remember Waite, who owns Merlyn’s Comics, Games and Books and is running to represent Spokane’s first district in the City Council, from his appearance in front of his store last month while dressed as a Terran marine from the popular computer game.

The costume actually belonged to a customer, Waite says, who didn’t want to wear it anymore since it weighed about 100 pounds. Someone suggested Waite put it on and promote his campaign.

“I think it was a fun incident and neat but it’s not something I want to run around and do,” Waite says. “I think I’m a serious candidate and don’t want people to think I’m doing this for fun.”

Waite says his priorities in office would be to balance the budget without laying people off or raising taxes. Calling for a “shared sacrifice,” Waite says he would propose pay freezes or cuts across the city administration.

While the costume may be gone, Waite says he still wants to include art as part of his campaign, saying that he will soon unveil “the coolest campaign signs ever made.”