MORNING HEADLINES: Swords make a comeback

Burglars beat swordsman — Two people burgling a Mead home were interrupted by a sword-wielding neighbor. Before the neighbor could re-enact the scene from "Kill Bill Vol. 1" where Uma Thurman chops up a room full of people, the burglars hit him over the head with a bat. The suspects remain at large. (KREM)

A Superlative for Sandpoint — Sandpoint has been judged the most beautiful small town in America by USA Today and Rand McNally. Soon, the town will be the subject of an issue of USA Today and a page in the Rand McNally Atlas. (CDA Press)

Oslo bombed — Two people have died after a bomb ripped through government buildings in Oslo, Norway. Meanwhile, a man opened fire on a youth meeting on an island outside of Oslo. (SR)