MORNING HEADLINES: Sexy coffee, disappearing dollars

Coeur d'Alene tribe not making its required donations? — The tribe's gaming compact requires it to kick 5 percent of its gaming income to local education programs, but those local education programs say they haven't seen it since 2009. (CdA Press) 

KHQ v. Sexy Coffee — The local TV news crusade against skimpy baristas continues. (KHQ)

Community Bill of Rights faces Council opposition again — The Spokane City Council will decide tonight whether to add items to the November ballot that would ask voters how they'd like to pay for Envision Spokane's progressive ballot measure. The Council used the same tactic last time the measure was on the ballot. (SR)  

Woman's body found in east Spokane — The body of a woman who apparently died from from severe trauma to the head and neck was found behind a warehouse in a gritty part of town. (SR)

Google buys Motorola Mobility — The purchase of Motorola's mobile arm is Google's biggest acquisition ever. (Seattle Times)

37 attacks across Iraq leave 68 dead — The deadliest was a series of explosions inside a market in the city of Kut. The attacks made this the most violent day in Iraq this year. (NYT)