Birthday Celebration

I was celebrating my birthday with a few friends. My male friend ordered me
my first birthday drink (and only one at your bar)...a shot of patron. You,
the male bartender (busy as you were) forgot to give me a lime..or salt..
so we waited...for a long while while you continued to serve other
customers. I got impatient because we were missing the show so I told my
friend to just snag a cup and scoop out a few limes since they were in arm
reach. You then persisted to scream at my friend. Honestly... if you
weren't a crappy bartender he wouldn't have had to reach across to grab
them in the first place. I'm not sure where you learned to bartend
(probably that crap hole bar) but when someone buys a shot of tequila lime
and salt come with them fyi. Thanks for being rude and putting a damper on
my celebration. I've had numerous encounters like this at your venue and
it's really disappointing. If your bartenders can't deal with a high volume
bar with a happy upbeat attitude... do us a favor and fire them and hire
good help! We are there to have a good time and their attitudes always kill
the good vibes!