CAT FRIDAY: Cats of Instagram

Since most of Spokane took advantage of the Fourth of July falling on a Thursday and turned the holiday into a relaxing and carefree four-day weekend, we decided the cuteness of Cat Friday could hold off until a Monday afternoon. That's just about the time when the excitement of the weekend starts to seem like a long time ago, and the weekend-fun hangover begins setting in.

Cute cats can cure that, though, we're positive. So, to make up for a cat-less Cat Friday and to brighten your Monday, we present Cat Friday, the Monday Edition.

First, I must preface this post with a small anecdotal side note. Until very recently, I was one of those of technology deniers who refused to get a Smartphone because I thought it would be silly to pay all those extra fees for a mobile data plan when I am tethered to a computer the majority of the day. It wasn't always easy to live life smartphone-less, and I really did envy the people who had the luxuries of social apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook available anytime, right in their back pockets.

It shouldn't be surprising to CF readers that since joining the Smartphone club, I have enjoyed using my phone as the ultimate cat lady tool: I take and upload pictures of cats nonstop, and was as gleeful as a kid on Christmas morning at the opportunity to create an Instagram account with the username "write_meow." Yes, most of my feed is cat pictures. But, of course, the other equally-exciting aspect of being an Instagram junkie is all the totally adorable, squee-inducing, cute-as-heck cat accounts I now follow!

Which brings me to today, on which I am very excited to present a list of the can't-miss cat accounts of Instagram. Everyone needs to start following these cuties right meow!


All we need to say about Taco to convince you to start following him, if the photo didn't already: he wears bow ties, he goes on walks on a leash in the park, aka his "kingdom," and Tuesdays are known as #tacotonguetuesday, on which the only photos posted are of Taco with his little pink kitty tongue sticking out.  


Pop culture is all over the mustache thing lately, which, combined with the fact that this is a cat with markings on its face resembling a mustache, makes Hamilton the poster cat of pop culture phenomena. Hipster King Hamilton just celebrated his first birthday on the Fourth of July. Let's be honest, this cat is more hip than all human hipsters combined as a sub-culture population. 


Following in the footsteps of genetic anomaly wondercat LIL BUB (who you can also follow on Instagram — click the link!), Princess Monster Truck — this really is her epic and weirdly fitting name — will win your heart with her adorably cute underbite. Buzzfeed's recent introduction of the black Persian mix was aptly titled "The future is here and her name is Princess Monster Truck." Enough said.


This Instagram account is not anything remotely associated with what its name may imply. It's interesting to mention, though, that the account apparently has been banned in Yemen, where it's considered something of a pornographic nature... Street Pussy actually is a London-based project that simply features cute, candid pictures of cats on the street, as well as cats in yards, cats on driveways, cats in windows and everywhere else roaming kitties may be found in the city. 


Similar in nature to Street Pussy, Warewoff features photos of kitties in their outdoor element, as part of the account owner's project/goal to meet and pet every cat that lives on her street. The unnamed photographer introduces followers to cuties such as Makaraka, Mr. Blue, Rufio and Possum, pictured above.


We knew Sam was something big when we first discovered and wrote about him for Cat Friday back in early February. He's still going strong and posting totally-adorable photos of his perma-surprised face on a regular basis, and still we can't get enough of Sam! Sam and Hamilton the mustachioed hipster cat need to get together for a photo shoot. Cats with oddly placed and shaped natural fur patterns are like an arrow to my heart — the cuteness of it all is overwhelming.

Of course, there are many, many more InstaCats we could talk about, and we highly suggest you check out both of these accounts for some cat cuteness overload: catsofinstagram and kittensofinstagram. If we missed any great cat-related Instagram accounts you think are just as awesome as these, please let us know in the comments section!

Happy Cat Monday!