Gifts for Long Distance Lovers

The phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is a steaming pile made up by those who never had to traverse the high wire of long distance loving. In a far-away relationship, you cannot physically be in the same space as the one you love on a daily basis, meaning nothing is fonder, just more difficult. But like any couple, it's possible if you work at it. This makes Christmas gift giving all the more important as a way to show you listen, care and see your coupling going somewhere. Here's how you can get it right.


Most computers come outfitted with webcams these days, but in case yours doesn't, and you don't have a smartphone or a tablet, you must get yourself and your honey pie a web camera, specifically one with high resolution. It's the wave of the future, and the only way to make sure the other human you like most on this planet still exists. Connect on a significant level with a Rosewill camera. Large megapixel numbers mean you'll be able to see the other person's pores sufficiently enough. It's certainly not the real thing, but seeing that smile on-screen makes it worth the extra effort. $39.95 • Recycle Techs • 3601 N. Nevada; 6810 Appleway Blvd., Spokane Valley


Hear me on this: The written word, not typed, actual symbols scrawled in a person's own hand, is something your boo can treasure forever. Every person's handwriting is distinctly their own. Pair that with playful, loving and exceedingly personal sentiments and your significant other may very well choke up at the sight of it all. If you're looking for an outside-the-box idea, buy a toy-size mailbox and stuff it with as many sweet nothings/hopes for the future as you have within you. Your lover can reach inside for a note whenever things get super lonely. 69 cents and up • Fifty Percent Off Card Shop • 7503 N. Division; 2927 E. 27th


The obvious option would be Las Vegas. Not to get hitched, as your parents may hope for, but to simply meet for a whirlwind weekend. There also are tropical destinations, or wintry ones — whatever you and your sweetie are into. Surprise her/him with reservations to an awesome location or even tickets to a favorite band's concert you both desperately want to see in NYC. A word of caution: Make sure said tickets are dated enough months in advance that your significant other can get the time off of work; otherwise it'll be for naught. To make it even more special, enlist a travel agent's help to help create an unforgettable itinerary. Cost: unlimited • Travel Leaders • 27 E. Augusta


In this case, that equates to items a person can find only in the Inland Northwest. Think back to all the places and events you two have experienced during Spokane visits. Assemble a fun package that would help walk your guy/gal down memory lane. Nothing is too off the wall here. Maybe you two enjoyed a Dick's Whammy together. Why not freeze-dry one? Or use a greasy bag from the drive-in as wrapping paper? $1.95 • Dick's Hamburgers • 10 E. Third

Maybe you had a romantic stroll along the Spokane River. Go ahead and dip a small, clear, recycled shampoo bottle in and fill with water so your love can have some of it with them forever. Decorate accordingly with a Sharpie. Free • Riverfront Park • 507 N. Howard

Perhaps you watch Good Will Hunting every time your paths cross. Send a box of the best caramels in town from Spokandy Chocolatier. The recipe has been the same since 1900. It doesn't get more delicious. $12.95 for a 15-piece assortment of sea salt caramels • Spokandy Chocolatier • 1412 W. Third


Maybe the next step will be a ring, maybe it won't. But for now, stick with a bracelet from, a website that has championed long-distance relationships. The bracelets look very similar to those silicone Livestrong bands that were cool back in the early aughts. They come in pink and brown, and the saying "Love knows no distance" is imprinted on them. Keep your boyfriend/girlfriend close daily when both of you wear one. $2.39, make it into a keychain for 50 cents more •