Music Gifts

From Bob Dylan to Metallica Christmas sweaters


No, it's not a murse (man purse); it's a portable storage space for vinyl records. For the ultimate album collector in your life, this sort of messenger bag can offer heightened status among their record-loving peers, showing they mean business when they shop for hidden treasures at flea markets and garage sales. Bags come in a variety of sizes, offering enough room for 40 to 150 LPs at a time. Keep in mind, smaller is better here, as it won't be so weighty and nerdy-looking. The Magma LP Bag 40 II DJ Package on not only carries 40 records, there's even space for headphones and extra needles in the front pocket. (LJ)


The Complete Album Collection
Vol. One, USB Box

In the 1960s, the use of the harmonica in Bob Dylan's songs helped catapult his career. Now a brand-new compilation of the artist's work is being packaged in the form of the instrument. That's right: You can now purchase a box set, containing a USB drive, inside a large harmonica-shaped case. Six decades of the singer-songwriter's catalogue are included in this set — a whopping 35 studio titles, six live albums, the "Side Tracks" compilation and a digital booklet in high-quality FLAC format. Though it's a steep $319.98, the USB collection is a limited, numbered edition. Bob Dylan lovers will cry with happiness when opening this up during the holidays. (LJ)


iPod earbuds don't have anything on these colorful, super-size, earmuff-esque headphones. The squishy foam of the ear covering offers optimal comfort, while the audio speakers are the ultimate in the concert-inside-your-head experience. Not only does the device tout 10 hours of battery life, the headphones can sync to any Bluetooth-enabled audio device. Averaging $200 per pair, these headphones are some of the best on the market — Dr. Dre even thinks so. (LJ)


White Light/White Heat
45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

The Velvet Underground has already had a big 2013 for a band that last performed together in 1996. Fearless leader Lou Reed passed away in October, and Macaulay Culkin formed a pizza-related Velvet Underground tribute band, Pizza Underground. This month, the White Light/White Heat reissue three-disc box set was released in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the innovative album that many found difficult to get into. Including both mono and stereo of the original record, a vast array of bonus and previously unreleased tracks ("Hey Mr. Rain", "Guess I'm Falling in Love" and "The Gift"), the set is the perfect addition to last year's Velvet Underground and Nico Boxed Set release. (LJ)


While everybody else in the publishing industry is freaking out about how to get to readers digitally and create amazing, brain-busting websites, the people at are going the other way. The 17-year-old website of mostly eye-rolling hipsterdom that somehow exists in the daily morning website queue of music geeks (OK, maybe just me) is launching its first quarterly music print publication, devoted to long-form features. It's one of those magazines that's more like a book: meant to sit on a bookshelf, not on the back of your toilet. Nab a year-long subscription for the music fan in your house for $50, or buy them a single issue for $19.99. (LS)


Warrior on the Edge of Time
Extended Edition

Psychedelic rock fans the world over still bow at the altar of Hawkwind, giving thanks to the first person who sold the members LSD, helping form the band's vision. Way back when, Hawkwind fused together psychedelic sounds with drawn-out jam sessions and heavy riffs. The band's fifth album, Warrior on the Edge of Time, gets a makeover this year: remastered from the original analog tapes, with eight new tracks — including five brand new ones — and a cool collectible booklet with photos and writing. $24 (LS)


Move over, Encyclopedia Britannica: This is an 88-book series, all devoted to modern music nerdery. Each book is devoted to deconstructing every possible detail of legendary albums — from classics like Led Zeppelin IV to Exile on Main Street, to post-punk masterpieces Meat is Murder and Unknown Pleasures. There's a book on nearly every album you'd expect to see there, and then every now and then a random surprise will pop up — like a book on the Minutemen or Liz Phair. Music lovers will derive irrational amounts of happiness from this series. $11ish (LS)


For the insatiable Nirvana fan in your life, this one will be a winner. This new hardcover tells the same Nirvana story you've heard before, from the days of Kurt Cobain as an avid Melvins fan to their rise in the Seattle scene and reluctant superstardom. But in this book, you'll get Nirvana's genesis in a more illustrated format: lots of pictures, pages from Cobain's journals, snapshots and amazing early 1990s show flyers. A great coffee table book for any fan of the band. $27 (LS)


We've had such a good time at Volume, the Inlander's music festival, the last couple of years that we decided we'd do it again in 2014. The festival will be held next year in downtown Spokane, again on May 30 and 31, hosting a variety of music from local, regional and national acts. We've got big ideas for next year, so you'll want to be there. Get a two-day wristband now for a discounted price; print your receipt at home, then bring it into the Inlander office to swap it for your wristband. Act fast: We have limited numbers of these discounted tickets for sale through Dec. 23. $15. Buy online at (LS)


If, like me, you don't like spending your hard-earned cash on something you'll only wear once, you might get some mileage out of a few bands' weird foray into Ugly Christmas Sweater-land. It seems like it started as a joke last year by Slayer, but this year a bunch of bands are jumping on the ugly sweater bandwagon: Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Devildriver, Dying Fetus — an entire line of sweaters from Victory Records. There are Christmas trees and Santas and reindeer... humping reindeer, to be exact. They're all funny, but I'm kinda partial to the Master of Puppets sweater that Metallica has for sale. $75, (LS) ♦