MB: The Internet, the bishop and eerily smart bombs


A 4th District judge in Boise rules that Idaho's $60 million statewide broadband contract was illegal, adding yet more complication for an already tangled rivalry between two companies and the state of Idaho. (SR)

Bishop Blase Cupich's former vicar general slams the Spokane diocese's lawsuit against its former law firm. (SR)

What the FBI's new set of crime stats tells us — and doesn't tell us — about crime in Spokane. (KXLY)

Trader Joe's will open another store in Spokane, but not, as had been hoped by some, in Kendall Yards next to the Inlander. (SR)


Detroit has a plan to exit bankruptcy — that could someday plunge it back into bankruptcy. (New York Times)

New artificially intelligent bombs could choose who to kill, a prospect that worries anyone who's ever seen a movie. (New York Times)

Chris Christie has a problem with pork. No, not that kind of pork. Yes, that kind. (The Atlantic)

The former cable industry lobbyist that Barack Obama appointed to run the FCC doesn't agree with Obama's call to adopt "net neutrality" rules that could limit the cable industry's power. (Washington Post) 


Ever wonder why some schools have cliques and others don't? It's all about mixin' it up. (The Atlantic)