The Return of Summer Movie Season

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Derek Harrison photo illustration

While the ability to stream movies from the comfort (and safety) of home was a godsend during the past few years, even the best home theater setup can't capture the thrills, epic scope, and communal buzz of seeing big summer movies in an actual cineplex. Those are moments that stick in our memories and become foundational elements of our pop culture lives.

With that in mind, we look forward to this summer's slate of silver screen marvels. We explore how comedy is key to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the way that elevated horror has invaded the summer release calendar, ask why music biopics can't be more fun, and wonder how the Jurassic Park franchise lost its way. All that plus picks for the best blockbusters, indie flicks, and, yes, even original home-streaming options.

Grab the popcorn — because no matter your filmgoing taste, there's something worth returning to the cinema to see.

— SETH SOMMERFELD, screen editor