I Saw You

Week of April 23rd

Valley Costco Cashier Sexy Costco Cashier with the side shaved hairstyle. I saw you, I was looking for the shortest checkout to go through until i spotted you in a lane. At that moment I didn't care how long the line was, i jumped in. Once it was my turn to check out we asked how each others day's were, then you commented, "That's a pretty sweet mustache." I was stuck for words but replied, "Thanks." You had me at 'Sweet Mustache". I should had asked for your number, but you had me all flustered. Can we meet again for lunch or a drink?

Local Hip-Hop Artist I miss your old Joe Dirtay look. Saw a picture of you looking like Macklemore: what happened, dude? Don't know if you're on one right now or what?

Lost Opportunity Lost, one great opportunity at Cafe Capri last Thursday at 1 to ask a beautiful woman to dinner. We obviously both enjoyed how the other looked. You: tall, slender, blonde talking with two (I'm guessing) clients by the window. Me: talking with two neighborhood folks over by the wall. Hopefully I'll see you this coming Thursday at 1 and correct my mistake.

Monterey Saturday 4/19 You were about 5-7, longer blond hair, white top and BEAUTIFUL blue eyes. Sitting at the bar with 2 friends. You brightened an already wonderful evening! Told you to keep and eye on this section of the Inlander... presstoplay@live.com"

Beautiful man I met you in late March at Yoke's on North Market. You text me around April 4. Your text did not transfer to my text page so I was unable to message you back. I would love to hear from you again. "Beautiful girl"

Locked Eyes Wednesday April 1st around 5pm @ Spaghetti Factory downtown Spokane. You with 2 cute little girls celebrating a 5-year-old's birthday, me with my teenage daughter. I told the server we would share bread. Our eyes met a bunch. Single? Interested? Care to go out?

Wally World North Shout out to the guy Sunday at Walmart that called me beautiful and told me to never let anyone tell me anything different. Thank you, that day was the perfect day to hear that. Hope your pink-and-purple bike turned out cool!

Single Parents I know some days we just want a little peace and quiet or someone else to pick the kids up when they're sent home from school or daycare early, or just to go grocery shopping without having to deal with a meltdown...and I know that parenting has its many heartwarming moments where you feel like your heart is in your eyes because the feeling of love overcomes you so much, but I know it's hard too. I see you, you're doing great. Keep your head up.

<3 Our engagement has just begun, but I'm excited for it to end! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you. — Blueberry Muffin

The Man Truly I have to tell you about a "man" I know. Yes, it is a gushing testimonial, but you will see why he is so deserving of the accolades as the picture is written.He is one of the most "manliest" men you will ever meet, you could even say, "hyper-macho", big and strong in body and soul. A father to two amazing young men. "The apple did not fall far from the tree." He is the super-fun grandpa to six precious, precocious grandbabies. This "man" is the soccer coach that gave his time for years, to each sons teams. Those kids loved him! He is the silent hero that will step up when someone needs help. I have been a witness to this many times. This "man" has a work ethic that is hard to believe. He is notorious in Spokane by many that know him. He is the "man" that can fix it and will make sure its perfectly clean and straight too. Inside joke. LOL I think he can fix anything and I have often been in awe of my "fix-it man". This "man" is also a great son. If mom calls or even when she doesn't he is there anyway. Taking care of her car, the plumbing, the pellet stove and etc., we could be here days. i believe you are getting the nice picture I am describing of this "man", but there is more. Five years ago this "man " and his brother moved their 88-year-old grandpa here from Vegas. Grandma was gone and both of their children had passed too young. There are four remaining grandsons, all the related family grandpa had left. Grandpa was not here long when he fell and broke his hip. That is when the "man" that I adored for 30+yrs. showed me even more of the kind of "man" he is. Grandpa had a caretaker a few hours, a few days a week. He was still somewhat independent but the "man" took on alot of the slack. Weekly he filled grandpa's pills in his daily/weekly box. AM, lunch, dinner and PM. So many pills and the "man" became an expert at dispensing those meds. The "man" would call grandpa up to 3 times a day to make sure he took his pills. Grandpa had dementia so he needed to be reminded. Often the man would go there and "gpa" (as we called him) had told the "man" a fib and hadn't taken the pills. The "man" would give him a little heck and continue to make the daily reminder calls. This "macho-man" would go to gpas twice a week and give him a shower. At times taking care of grandpa's manicure and pedicure needs. Not the most pleasant job but he is the "man" that steps up and does the job that needs done. I will try to condense my testimony some here while still trying to convey the picture. Grandpa fell again a couple years ago. He rebroke the same hip and this time had to go to a nursing home and was wheelchair bound. The "man's" devotion only intensified. He was there so much that all of the medical staff and residents got to know him. He made sure gpa was receiving the best care possible. He was the "man" serving coffee to the residents at many a dinner hour. He became part of their family. "

On The Job Creep Quit staring at me.

AM Radio What has happened to our AM radio around Spokane? All the good shows are leaving. Sports talk shows are turning to elevator music. I don't get it. I get told to listen to different stations on my phone or computer. Come on, doesn't anyone else know what shows I'm talking about?

LIES AND GAMES I gave you another chance and you did exactly what you said you wouldn't do. I had a feeling I should have never went there. You used, played, abused, and took advantage of the chance I had given you. It only left me hurt, confused, and wondering how I could have been so stupid. I didn't want to be alone and I thought I could be happy. You got bored, and did what you do best. Once a cheater, always a cheater. You will never realize what you lost. Hope the next person you meet sees through your "act."

Those who speak against studs It's amazing to me how many people rely on the anonymity of this venue to spout off "facts" regarding issues they're obviously zealous about, however don't take the time to research their "facts"! They figure that whatever they write in their diatribes will be swallowed as the "truth" even though reality says something totally different. It's just not the reality they live in, so they make up "facts" to support their views. Studded tires are not an ideal solution for driving on winter roads around here. The conditions change rapidly and sometimes you're caught between a rock and a hard place. There are enough hills and curves around here to make traction tires such as studded tires a necessity for some of us. Snow tires just don't cut it, and I don't see chains as being an option because of their on again, off again applications. I realize that studded tires take their toll on our roads, however the biggest culprits are the heavyweight vehicles that we depend on to distribute our goods. Another part of this conundrum is that our roads are not constructed of the best materials, but the cheapest! Couple that with the patchwork maintenance, and there are gonna be ruts no matter what! I live in an area that requires either chains or studded tires to access my home. Snow tires just don't get it. I have an all wheel drive vehicle and I don't wish to move from my family's homestead. I shouldn't have to! Perhaps "Studless" might try to come up with a solution to the winter traction dilemma, instead of trying to tout useless and baseless "facts" to support his/her opinions. ♦