Potatoes, police, politics, planes and other morning headlines


Not in the pencils either 

• Spokane schools appear to be free of lead

Violent Slayers Target Concert Venue
• Bloodthirsty Violent Femmes audience demands encore

You mash 'em, boil 'em, stick 'em in a stew. But should you? 

• Do potatoes mash you?

Impure Thoughts
• North Idaho showed a willingness — even an eagerness — to dismiss concerns that legislators like Rep. Luke Malek and Sen. Shawn Keough aren't conservative enough.

"By the time Emily was born in 1997, Cucinotti had already been warned about his conduct at Greenacres Elementary School at least three times."
• The Inlander's horrifying investigation into how sexual misconduct by teachers can be allowed to continue for years. 


Freed by Mistrial 

• Spokane Police Guild president John Gately won't be retried.

School's Not Out Forever

• For now, Spokane Community College's Pullman branch won't be closing down at the end of the term. 

Still can't Snapchat

• You can now text 911 in an emergency in Kootenai County.


Cable news is on it!

• A major plane crash on EgyptAir. Is it terrorism? It's too soon to speculate. But that won't stop everybody from doing just that. 

Well, compared to a lot of the other stuff Washington D.C. has done to them...
• New poll finds 90 percent of American Indians aren't offended by the Washington Redskins name. We're guessing 100 percent, however, aren't offended by the Seattle Seahawks name.

Venezuela: A Country Not Looking So Hot
• How Venezuela's leaders royally screwed up the country's economy.