Little-known snow facts, making life changes easy and a free fitness field trip with NFL stars

click to enlarge The more pleasant side of snow — playing with your kids. - CHRISTIAN WILSON
Christian Wilson
The more pleasant side of snow — playing with your kids.

Not crazy about the snow?
After months of dealing with the white stuff, you may think you know snow. But here are some little-known facts. Pay attention to number 19.

Small Steps Lead to Big Things
click to enlarge InHealth lifestyle coach Dr. Robert Maurer
InHealth lifestyle coach Dr. Robert Maurer
InHealth's own life coach columnist, Dr. Robert Maurer, reported a milestone recently. His book, One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way, made it onto Google's Top 100 books of year for 2016. So what is the Kaizen way?

Here's how Maurer explains it in the book's preface: "Contrary to popular opinion, change — whether personal or in in business — doesn’t have to be agonizingly painful. Nor must it happen only as the result of scare tactics employed to shock ourselves — or our colleagues — into meaningful action. The pages you are about to read will shatter the math that change is hard…This book will show you how to harness the power of kaizen: using small steps to accomplish large goals.”

Gridiron in the Classroom
The NFL is teaming up with the American Heart Association and Discovery Education to offer a "virtual fieldtrip" on January 31 for kids in American classrooms. The 60-minute, live-streamed class will feature NFL players and a cardiologist who will demonstrate the "science behind cardio and strength exercises that NFL players use throughout the season to stay fit and active." It's free!