A death threat, another death threat, a snowy forecast, morning headlines

click to enlarge A death threat, another death threat, a snowy forecast, morning headlines
Daniel Walters photo
We might be looking at another snowy Spokane winter.


Dry Fly, you fools
Dry Fly, the distiller of some of my favorite whiskey, is celebrating their 10th anniversary today. There will be drinking involved.

An A to Zika
InHealth: The Zika virus could be used to treat brain cancer — exactly the sort of crazy rogue medical treatment that Dr. Gregory House would use if he were still practicing medicine.

To catch a threatener
A Lake City High School student was arrested for making threats against other students on social media while posing with a gun.


A racist with a gun

A 66-year-old black man in Spokane grew up in the South in the Jim Crow era. But it was this week, in Spokane, when a racist is accused to pressing a gun against his nose and threatening to kill him. (Spokesman-Review)

Here we snow again
Weather patterns indicate that this winter might be another snow-packed doozy. (Spokesman-Review)

Ozzie's ambition

Despite his increasing tendency to weigh in on politics in the city of Spokane, County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich maintains he's not looking to run for mayor. (Spokesman-Review)

Pulling the rug out from under Obamacare
Certain Obamacare subsidies were already in legal jeopardy. But President Trump's decision to scrap subsidies for low-income people could put the law in serious danger. (New York Times)

Flag team
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has his staff fly a special little flag whenever he's in the building. (Washington Post)

Iran contrarianism
Trump hasn't killed the Iran nuclear deal yet — but he's trying to make it easier for himself to do so in the future. (The Atlantic)