Readers sound off on gift guides, city "rankings"

Letters to the editor

Readers react to our Gift Guide story "Gifts for Russian Hackers" (12/7/17):

Danielle Lee Parker: I reported being hacked this summer to Facebook and they didn't even bother to reply. Thanks, Inlander, for the clever gift list. Rather than rely on Facebook's security team, I should have sent "Ivan" a bottle of Dry Fly. He might have accidentally hacked Trump instead, in his drunken stupor. ♦

Readers react to our Gift Guide story "Gifts for the Recently Indicted" "(12/7/17):

Val Stefoff: As long as brown and black people go to jail in disproportionate numbers, this will never be funny.

Terry Nichols: I wonder which Donald Trump would prefer, I'll spring for it!! ♦

Readers react to our blog post "Those 'city rankings' lists are bad and Spokane should ignore them" (12/8/17):

Tiffany Skye: Spokane is so behind in fashion and "hip," "trendy" etc... it's like traveling back to the early 90's in most neighborhoods.... especially Hillyard and the East Side.

Erin Dunsmore: Which is why I love it so! #bringthe90sbackorbust

Bruce Bodden: For my first 10 years here (1990-2000) there were an amazing number of Farrah Fawcett hairstyles walking around on the streets of Spokane. #bringbackthe70s

Clyde Herrington: These stories don't prove anything. But, you can't prove they're wrong.

Trent Reedy: Spokane is the greatest. I love it here for more reasons than any silly article has time to list. This place is great. ♦