New Timberlake tunes, raging in Spokane and more things you need to know right now

The Buzz Bin


Some noteworthy new music arrives online and in stores Feb. 2. To wit:

 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, Man of the Woods. That album title is what we call "rebranding."

AWOLNATION, Here Come The Runts. The alt-rock dudes promise more guitars, less electronics

 FIELD MUSIC, Open Here. These British power-poppers create incredibly pleasing ear candy.

 SIMPLE MINDS, Walk Between Worlds. What, did you forget about them?


"Spokane is rad! Our new friends Matt & Melissa put us up. They had two really cool dogs and they gave us whiskey and soup."

— Banditos

The Alabama-bred rockers who played an excellent show at the Bartlett over the weekend ended the night asking if anyone had a place for the sextet to stay. This is what they said when we asked via Twitter @BanditosBand how it turned out.


When most people learn that I was born in Kyrgyzstan, questions follow: Where is that? How do you pronounce it again? Not many people are aware of the Central Asian country that borders a few others ending in "stan." From its cuisine to its art, it is colorful yet faithful to tradition — especially its tapestries. To experience a taste, catch the exhibit "The Song of Silence: Embroidered Tapestries of Kyrgyz Nomads" before it ends Feb. 9 at the EWU Downtown Student Gallery in Cheney, 404 2nd Street. for more info. (ALLA DROKINA)


"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again." With that in mind, the Spokane designers behind the strategy-based party card game Hammered Heroes have launched their third Kickstarter campaign, running until Feb. 28. This time they're asking for $10,000, half as much as before, to get the game printed and into the hands of players. Back the drinking-themed game for $20 to get your copy, and don't wait — the devs promise this will be the last time they attempt to raise funds. For all things Hammered Heroes, and a link to the campaign, head to (CHEY SCOTT)


Rage Spokane might sound like a great name for our next short-lived arena football team, but it's actually a new business that caters to folks who just need to blow off some steam — violently. For packages $25 and up, you strap on some protective gear, grab a hammer (or crowbar, or baseball bat) and commence bashing everything from dinner plates to TV screens. Whatever makes you feel better, really — you can even bring your own faulty monitor or pics of a hated ex. Visit for more info. (DAN NAILEN)