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Re: “McMorris Rodgers on Health Care, Immigration, Romney, Budgets, Children, and More

I don´t expect anything more than "safe" accomplishments from our congresswoman and her party. House Republicans are in an unbelievable state of disarray. What cooperation or teamwork can you expect from members who believe the government is buying up all the ammunition, that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the government, that the Obama administration wants to confiscate all the guns, and all the other incredulous theories they put forward?
Our congresswoman tries to walk a fine line between the crazies and the sane, but finds herself leaning towards the crazy side simply because they have so much disruptive power. I have yet to hear her or any other House Republican leader chastise a party member for their outlandish, unsubstantiated, or debunked accusations. When pinned down to make a comment, they keep it as ambiguous and non confrontational as possible.
They´re scared. They´ve achieved the power they sought and gerrymandered themselves onto a path of self destruction. And they don´t know how to deal with that.

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Posted by gigowiz on 05/04/2013 at 6:13 AM

Re: “Reverse the Polarity

Name calling, "With a Pied Piper in the White House...", and innuendo like "the economic death threat that lurks for the United States as citizens are tempted by the muse’s intoxicating music and message", are perfect examples of the divisiveness Mr Nethercutt laments. His straight right, intended as a knockout punch, nails a cinderblock wall. Irony counters with uppercut and neatly lays him out.
If only we could reverse the polarity--and make George Nethercutt positive instead of negative.

Posted by gigowiz on 02/14/2013 at 11:21 PM

Re: “True to Our Roots

Half the country doesn´t know where their country is headed any more, misses predictable, customary public policies, and doesn´t know where to go because of the darkness of liberal culture, excessive federal spending, staggering national debt, stifling regulatory rules and looming tax pressures.
Mr Nethercutt longs for the predictable days where people could be denied medical insurance for pre-existing conditions and could have their insurance arbitrarily cancelled because they were costing too much. He pines for unfunded wars combined with tax cuts so the country not only spends more but increases its debt more dramatically by choking off its revenue. He looks back at the good old days when rivers were lifeless and burst into flames and the air poisoned our children´s lungs.
Yet, a darkness has descended upon America.
Mr Nethercutt says nothing about the surveillance state recording our electronic transmissions. He´s silent on the use of remote controlled aircraft used in the extrajudicial killing, including American citizens. He turns his head away from the state´s secrets excuse used to deny justice for those who´ve been spied upon, kidnapped, or tortured by our government.
The darkness of liberal culture indeed.

Posted by gigowiz on 12/14/2012 at 7:30 AM

Re: “How Low Can We Go?

George Nethercutt´s solution to our problems includes more press conferences by our politicians. Why? Quite likely because the press is far more compliant than the public. When you watch today´s politicians at press conferences you rarely hear much more than the same talking points they´ve been harping about in the first place.
But a town hall meeting is different. When given the opportunity the pubic will ask hard questions. Mr Nethercutt knows that and may remember when a student an Gonzaga University pressed him on the issue of the Republican-dominated House raising the price of federal student loans. The microphone was turned off and the student was chastised for being rude. When it comes to how low you can go, Mr Nethercutt speaks from experience.
Inlander, please continue including Mr Nethercutt´s op-ed pieces. He does such a great job of making those with critical thinking skills so grateful they have them.

Posted by gigowiz on 11/10/2012 at 7:00 AM

Re: “A Little Help from Friends?

With all due respect to Maj Scalise, the examples he provides of assistance received from the FBI and the US Marshals were not because they were helping out another cop. They were matters of federal jurisdiction requiring their involvement.
If the Border Patrol is responding to matters primarily under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement then one would have to wonder why Border Patrol agents have so much time on their hands to do so--unless it is by design. One effect this will have is interfering with the reporting of crimes against those who may or may not be here illegally--a civil offense unless they´ve been deported before. If someone´s house is robbed, what is the likelihood they will call the police if the Border Patrol shows up and detains them or detains a relative for deportation? What is the likelihood the crime will be investigated and prosecuted if the victim is removed?
As for those who are citizens, how would any of us feel if we had to prove our citizenship every time we came in contact with law enforcement? How close to a police state would we be and how much would we tolerate it?
For those who claim it´s their own fault for being here illegally in the first place, it´s not always a black and white situation with a perfect solution. And if you´re concerned about being overrun by illegal immigrants, I would like to refer you to any of the histories of Native Americans. They can tell you all about it.

Posted by gigowiz on 05/03/2012 at 12:30 PM

Re: “Identity Crisis

Let me state my case in less personal terms.
That America has done some great things is indisputable. Expecting a privileged status because of that is arrogance. Mr Nethercutt ignores our country´s shameful behavior as if it doesn´t matter let alone exist. The suppression of civil rights, disenfranchising voters, invading a country that posed no threat to us, waterboarding, Guantanamo and secret prisons, and the Patriot Act are but a few examples that make many look at us and wonder, "What happened to America?"
Mr Nethercutt has the temerity to imply that George Bush´s preemptive war doctrine was justified and then turn around and say that what foreign students learn about America "will have a long-term bearing on international relations and the future prospects for peace among nations." Yes, peace among nations--unless we consider a nation a threat regardless of the evidence showing otherwise. Apparently, one of the many virtues we should unashamedly remind the world of.

Posted by gigowiz on 11/13/2011 at 9:10 AM

Re: “Identity Crisis

While living overseas I had the opportunity to see many Americans display this boorish you-should-be-thanking-us exceptionalist attitude espoused by Mr Nethercutt in this column. It was embarrassing to say the least. Fortunately for us, most Europeans realize that not all Americans are complete jerks.

Posted by gigowiz on 11/11/2011 at 2:17 PM

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