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Re: “America's Largest Hate Group

Hey Whocares, be careful who you're calling a "leftist"...I am not a leftist in the traditional sense, because I'm not a bleeding-heart liberal who wants to save every unborn baby and help a bunch of refugees by putting them on the public dole while we are told we'll have to "suck it up" and wait longer for our Social Security that we paid into all of our lives, or maybe not have it at all after a certain point. I want the US to take care of Americans first...the ones with "seniority", that is the ones who have worked and paid taxes here the longest...if there's any left, sure, help who we can, but not at the expense of those who are really entitled to their "entitlements". And as for camps and gulags, that's really not such a bad idea, as long as the ones in there are the biggest troublemakers.
Reminds me of that Kennedy parody album done by Vaughn Meader in the 60's...a woman at the press conference asks Kennedy, "Sir, when will we send a man to the moon?" Kennedy responds, "Whenever Senator Goldwater wants to go!" LOL! (You have to be a certain age to "get" that joke, but it was funny, and still is!)

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Posted by funkutron on 12/12/2015 at 3:36 PM

Re: “Love Thy Neighbors

I agree with Muddy for a change. We can't solve everybody else's problems, we have problems of our own. Why risk bringing these crazy buggers over here. Let them find refuge over there. Besides, we'll just wind up putting them on the dole anyway, even if some of them are not terrorists. Or else they'll be owning all the convenience stores and telling us "no public restrooms"...LOL!

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Posted by funkutron on 12/07/2015 at 12:05 PM

Re: “America's Largest Hate Group

Screwed up world view? Go ahead and fact check what I said about population and species extinction, climate change, etc., all cold hard facts. Intolerant, yes...of Republican idiots who think this is all just fine... while Humans pollute the world with plastic disposable diapers and breed out of control, they want to ban abortion. Too many people!.....and too many of them are Republicans.

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Posted by funkutron on 12/07/2015 at 12:36 AM

Re: “America's Largest Hate Group

Yes, the "crazy" is strong in me! (not enough to qualify for Social Security disability, but too bad, because with all the other folks living on the dole in this country, that would make my life easier too....) But truthfully, a "sane" person would not be sane in my opinion if they looked at the crap going on in this world and though everything was just fine. It took until 1800 to have one billion people on this planet. Now we have 7 billion and soon to be 8 billion by 2024 they say. An Elephant is killed by poachers every 15 minutes, they say, and are soon to be extinct, like the other species mankind makes extinct about every 9 minutes, they say. We are the thieves of the planet, mere monkeys that are too smart for our own britches, and our greed for survival and reproduction (well, that part is the fun part, at least the sex....) We have "taken over" Nature, and the resulting catastrophes in ecology, climate change, disease proliferation and wrecking of the clean water supply, not to even mention the pollution by radiation , not only in Fukushima and the entire Pacific, but in a lot of other atomic testing, etc....we have a great capacity for good and pleasure, but by that same token, an equal and opposite capacity,as with all things because everthing has an equal opposite potential, for evil. Not necessarily evil borne out of intent, but perhaps "evil", which is "live" spelled backwards by the way, borne out of ignorance. Because when we "take over" Nature, we better know what we're doing. Because we breed too many people who have no regard for the "big picture" who just want to spend and consume like pigs and leave trash and a worse situation behind, and damn everyone else. We are a race of selfish greedy pigs! God DAMN people! We will be the destoyers of Nature! Everday we turn Nature into mounds of polluted rubbish, and kill off other species.
Just think where we'd be population-wise if all those people hadn't been killed in all the wars since the Civil War. Mao in China killed 70 million, or 700 million, I can't remember....Stalin killed 40 million, and add all the people from "the camps" in WWII.....we still have an unmanable situation, and yet our political system is paralyzed from doing anything progessive because people want to ban abortion! Are we NUTTSS???!!!!

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Posted by funkutron on 12/06/2015 at 3:49 PM

Re: “Medication Frustration

It's ridiculous that we pay as much as we do, sometimes 5 or 10 times what even Canadians, our closest neighbors pay for the exact same drugs. But what's even weirder is that in this country the drug companies advertise on TV and take out multi full page ads in magazines, and tell us to "ask your doctor" for this or that drug. As someome from England, I can tell you that although we may be "used" to it, this is just plain strange, especially when they have to list all the possible things that can go wrong if you take the stuff to protect their arses from liability. As a small business owner myself, that can barely afford small ads in magazines these days, I can attest to the fact that these ads cost a fortune, especially the TV commercials. And so we pick up the tab by paying exorbitant prices!

It's a symptom of a much larger problem, and that is that Americans seem to tolerate and resist changing a system that is very out of touch, and in a lot of cases against their best intersts, because they have been brainwashed with right-wing propaganda that suggests that anything that interferes with "the free market" is a bad thing, and may lead to dreaded "Socialism". But in Europe, the citizenry does not tolerate a situation where wealthy interests dominate the political spectrum, and there, the needs of the many are prioritized over profits.

Unless Americans eventually decide to abandon this philosophy and demand something better from their legislators, we will continue to be sucking "hind tit" where matters of healthcare and other social policies are concerned compared to the other "first world" countries....indeed, we are becoming more like a third-world country as each year approaches...instead of improving, we seem to be in a race to the bottom.

Churchill said that "Americans always do the right thing, but only after they have exhausted every other possibility". I wonder how low we need to go before we revamp our corrupt system and put one together that works for most people, instead of the top few percent. Based on the hostile divisions between right and left in this land, I'm beginning to think it's no longer even possible.

Posted by funkutron on 12/06/2015 at 1:50 PM

Re: “America's Largest Hate Group

Gotta respond to that one.....without "hope and change", we'd still be living in the Feudal system, like in the movie Braveheart, where the serfs and peasants had to work for the wealthy landowners who were "tight" with the King, or else they'd be thrown off the land and their women and children would be starved....wait a minute, we ARE living in the new corporate Feudal system! You can't have a job nowadays unless you're willing to be a workaholic and do the work of the other five folks who got laid off before you....and as for "family values" that the Republicans tout...who has the time for family when they're working round the clock or stressing about it even when they're home? Progressive change? You betcha! Without it, we would still be back in the days when if the church didn't like your opinion, you'd be burned at the stake! (We go to the burnings and beheadings, but we're not really "religious"...) But wait...isn't that what most fundamentalist Republican Christians really want, deep down? To "punish" all those homos and other "sinners", just in case God chooses to go easy on them? To enforce the Bible through secular law?
I for one, have had enough of fundamentalists, whether they're the Taliban, or just Southern Baptists! And sanctimonious Republican hypocrites as well!

60 likes, 10 dislikes
Posted by funkutron on 12/06/2015 at 12:20 PM

Re: “America's Largest Hate Group

No, the Republicans are evil because they cynically exploit "morality" and "family values" just to get religious kooks to vote for them, promising them "law and order" and that they'll enforce "The Bible" in this land, and then they turn around and make it easier for the greedmongers to pick our pockets...lower our wages, bust our Unions, deny climate change and most other science based reasoning, and generally cause gridlock and implement policies that make the US far behind the rest of the industrialized world in things like infastructure, healthcare, and the safety net.

63 likes, 12 dislikes
Posted by funkutron on 12/05/2015 at 6:14 PM

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