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Re: “Wildlife groups seek restraining order to block wolf-hunting derby in Idaho

Harsh it may seem to the homogenized liberal mind full of pabulum and hypocrisy that synthesizes, molds, and engages in the intellectual colander approach to fact finding it is consistent with the failure of liberals to engage in logical analysis and critically review of what they perceive. The comments in opposition of the predation of wolves and in support of the law suit seeking an injunction are typical of the liberal dementia that has spread across our nation deceiving the public by false intellectualism emanating from University professors and other people who engage in the intellectual circle jerk analysis, false or inadequate research, emotionally funded quests and shallow mindless speech. It is not surprising that this article is either in or will be in the Inlander. The Editors of the Inlander pretend to offer political and social balance but those of the conservative bent that are allowed to publish are forced to or agree to present a watered down publication controlled by the Editors and as a result the public sees only homogenized marsh mellow conservatives sometimes referred to as Republicans.

The opponents of Wolf predation simply as most Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, Social Engineers, and Fascists do not understand the effect of what they say and, worse, do not understand the effect of what they do. This has been demonstrated by 70 years of waste in ill conceived and administered social programs, benefit programs, educational "reform" and a host of other liberal idiot programs that repeatedly fail but are extended or expanded because the liberals believes they can make it work only if more money is spent. We have the "Wolf Problem" because of mushy headed liberals attempting to assuage their falsely perceived guilt allegedly caused by forefathers having nearly eradicated the Grey Wolfe from the Midwest, Rocky Mountains and Western seaboard States. The wolf was not extinct as claimed but to support the unneeded program costing millions of dollars liberals whined the Grey Wolf was extinct. So the stupid liberals in the Clinton Administration go to Canada and purchases not the Grey Wolfe but a more voracious cousin. Now the Wolfe transplanted to the Rocky Mountains was not the whimpered over Grey wolf but a larger and more vicious cousin specie that kills for the sake of killing and only consumes that what is convenient at the moment. Biologists know that as the latitude shrinks, meaning as one goes north toward the North Pole, the species get larger and tougher because the more norther environment is more harsh and survival more difficult as compared to latitudes closer to the Equator. The Grey Wolf in the continental United States was not the same as the larger wolf purposely purchased by the liberals because they wanted to be sure the Wolf would propagate and flourish in the United States.

Having interviewed one of the Idaho Game officials that sat across the negotiating table from the emotionally funded idiots that sued to prevent the delisting of the wolf as an endangered specie I found further evidence of the liberal agenda funded by the aforementioned dementia. The U. S. Department of Agriculture Clinton Administration Liberal Wolf program goal was to have 750 pairs from the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border, but as is often the case when the liberal dementia is in control, the program was poorly conceived, poorly written, and employed by emotionally funded idiots that did not, still do not, and never will understand the effect of what they did. At the time of the interview, which occurred four years ago, the Idaho Game Official reported that in the State of Idaho then documented 750 mating pairs of wolves and the other states were reporting similar numbers. Of course, there are always more animals in the woods because a game official cannot be in all places at all times to know how many MORE are in the woods hidden from view that do not have radio collars.

At the beginning of the transplanting the liberals in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Federal Fish and Game lied as do most liberals because the truth is either not understood or known, or if known hidden from the public because the truth is patently inconvenient. Those lying liberals said in the late 1990's there would be no adverse effect on the Elk Herd in Yellowstone Park.. In the last two years these same lying liberals said the fact that the Gardner Herd (that portion of the Yellowstone Elk herd that migrates in the fall out of the Park to the Gardner Montana area) population of Elk was at 30% of the number when the transplanting of wolves started and 30% is what they had predicted. Thus to the lying demented liberal a 70% loss of the Elk herd was not an adverse impact. Don't you love the liberal mindset? Likewise these Federal idiots opined there would no adverse effect on Elk, Deer, Coyote, Mountain lion (Cougar) populations in the western States. That has been proven false. Yet, here we have again the demented, uninformed, misguided, emotionally funded Freaks filing lawsuits to prevent predation of wolves caring not that the indigenous population of Deer and Elk are being eradicated by the Wolves as is especially observed in the Clearwater National forest in Idaho. In the Clearwater Forest and elsewhere in Idaho there is a clear and present danger that insufficient numbers of Elk exist to regenerate the herd even if all the wolves are killed.

The liberal dementia is more dangerous to the health, welfare, financial and social stability of our fair land than were the Huns and Barbarians that once lied in wait outside the walls of the city because now they lie within and have political power.

Thomas M. Smith, Spokane, WA.

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Posted by Constitutional Conservativve on 12/27/2013 at 1:45 PM

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