Future Frontiers Robotics Experience

As part of the second annual Think Big Festival, organizers opened their Future Frontiers Robotic Experience on Saturday to the

By Young Kwak

18 year old Robert Ludwig replaces a battery in "Gary", a robot that can lift and move boxes and created by the Kootenai Technical Education Center.
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Gathering At The Falls Powwow 2016

The 25th anniversary Gathering At The Falls Powwow was held at the Riverfront Park Lilac Bowl from August 26-28, 2016.

By Young Kwak

Robert Wynecoop of the Spokane Tribe of Indians, holds the tribal flag as drum group Bad Canyon perform during a rededication of Canada Island to recognize the connection between the Spokane Tribe of Indians and the island.
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Gonzaga Fans Watch Championship Game At The McCarthey Athletic Center

A few thousand Gonzaga fans showed up to the McCarthey Athletic Center to watch a broadcast of the NCAA men's college

By Young Kwak

Gonzaga Fans Watch Championship Game At The McCarthey Athletic Center
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Gonzaga Men's Basketball Team Returns To Spokane

Hundreds of fans gathered at the McCarthey Athletic Center to welcome home the Gonzaga men's basketball team, who arrived back

By Young Kwak

Gonzaga guard Nigel Williams-Goss, center, signs autographs.
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Gonzaga vs. Lewis-Clark State College Basketball Exhibition Game

Gonzaga won their college basketball exhibition game against Lewis-Clark State 116-61 at the McCarthey Athletic Center on Friday, Nov. 1,

By Young Kwak

Gonzaga forward Anton Watson, left, shoots while pressured by Lewis-Clark State forward Travis Yenor during the first half of an exhibition college basketball game.
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Hanford B Reactor Tour

By Chey Scott, Samantha Wohlfeil

Hanford's B Reactor — the world's first full-scale nuclear reactor — became part of a national park in November 2015, when President Barack Obama signed legislation forming the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. The park includes related sites in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Los Alamos, New Mexico.
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Hanford History

By Chey Scott, Derek Harrison

Due to national security concerns during World War II, most of Hanford's workers had no knowledge of what the site was producing. Still, the importance of secrecy was a constant reminder both on the site and in the then-government-owned town of Richland where many workers lived.
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By Erin Robinson

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Haunted Dania Furniture

It is alleged that portions of the 100-year-old Dania Furniture building in downtown Spokane is haunted, especially on the fourth

By Young Kwak, Chey Scott

The Dania building's fourth floor gives a not often seen look into Spokane's past.
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Haus of Voodoo at The Pin

Haus of Voodoo performed as local guests during a drag show featuring Ariel Versace, not pictured, from RuPaul's Drag Race

By Young Kwak

(Left to right) Katrina Del Waters, Aurora, Katie Rockswell, Rita Fine, Sage Valentine, Nikita Romanoff and Luna Tik Hex.
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HoneyLove Urban Beekeepers

HoneyLove Urban Beekepers is a non-profit organization committed to educating the public about beekeeping and preserving honeybees through natural beekeeping

By Young Kwak

Bees work on a honeycomb.
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Immigration Reform March 2

Students from Eastern Washington Universities Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán (MEChA) organized a march through Riverfront Park and downtown Spokane

By Young Kwak

22 year old Central Washington University sophomore Ashley Garcia and other marchers walk on W. Riverside Ave.
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