The November concerts we're most looking forward to

There's a little something for everybody in the live shows happening this month, from a Prince tribute to thrash-metal, pop-rock

By Nathan Weinbender

Nov. 15
The Sugarhill Gang
It's possible that modern hip-hop would look a lot different if the Sugarhill Gang hadn't come around. Their 1979 single "Rapper's Delight" ushered the genre into the mainstream, with other hip-pioneers like Run DMC and Erik B. & Rakim following right behind. 40 years later and original Gang members Wonder Mike and Master Gee are still going strong, and they'll be performing in Sandpoint alongside Grandmaster Mele Mel of groundbreaking hip-hop collective the Furious 5. The Hive, $25, 9 p.m.
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Terrain 12 Music Lineup

Twelve years in, and it's still one of the biggest nights for art in Spokane. Tomorrow night, Terrain will merge

By Nathan Weinbender

Jenny Anne Mannan and Her Angel Band - 8:10 pm.
Certain details of country songwriter Jenny Anne Mannan's life are right out of a honky-tonk tune: She grew up in a family of touring musicians, she toiled in the cutthroat Nashville music scene, and now she's a fixture of Spokane's folk and country scene. Her new album Carnies & Cowboys plays like a musical autobiography.
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Volume 2019

Scenes from Volume, which took place May 31 and June 1, 2019 in downtown Spokane.

By Young Kwak, Alicia Hauff, Erick Doxey

The Emily's at Red Room Lounge.
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Volume 2018

Scenes from Volume, which took place June 1 and 2 in downtown Spokane.

By Young Kwak, Alicia Hauff, Erick Doxey

Red Room Lounge
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