A Warm Move

Laguna Cafe found a new space, but kept its cozy vibe

A Warm Move
Kristen Black
Laguna Cafe's new, more spacious digs on 29th Avenue.

With umbrella-covered tables and palm-tree lamps, the cozy atmosphere at Laguna Cafe remains, even if you can now find it in a more spacious spot.

After eight and a half years on Regal Street, owners Dan and Debbie Barranti decided it was time to move Laguna Cafe to a larger space, but the couple wanted to keep all the other aspects of Laguna as much the same as possible.

"We even gave the painter the codes of the paint that we had on the walls on Regal so we could keep the same colors," Dan says.

The new location on East 29th Avenue in the Grapetree Village Shopping Center offers additional seating space, a full bar, more parking and a bigger patio, while retaining a drive-through. Barranti stressed how important his employees at Laguna are to the overall experience guests enjoy when they stop in.

"Our crew is really what makes this place what it is, and we didn't want to lose any of them during this whole move," he says.

To help the employees financially while Laguna was closed, the Barrantis put on a fundraiser that — despite the windstorm forcing them to push it until December — drew 125 people and raised $2,500. People have been reaching out since the reopening, wanting to contribute.

"We've been overwhelmed with the support of our guests. We truly have the best guests in Spokane," says Barranti.

Laguna's menu of mostly burgers, filet mignon, ribs and salads has remained the same, but there are plans to make some additions to it now that the new location is officially open.

Live music Thursday through Saturday by some of the musicians who have been playing at Laguna for years — Pamela Benton, Diane Copeland and Darin Hilderbrand — will also continue at the new location.

"I promised everyone I wouldn't get a haircut during the 30 days we were closed until we reopened after the move," says Barranti. "Sixty days later, I haven't found time to get it cut, but we're open again, and that's a great start." ♦

Laguna Cafe • 2013 E. 29th • Open Mon-Thu, 7 am-9 pm; Fri, 7 am-10 pm; Sat, 9 am-10 pm; Sun, 9 am-8 pm • restaurantsspokanewa.com • 448-0887

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