A Year in Triathalons

Seasoned triathletes, families and first-timers can all take on these multistage races


WHY YOU DO IT: Those well acquainted with the slopes will dig this triathlon; ski or board the first mile down the mountain, then mountain bike downhill to the run

DATE: April 25

DISTANCE:Ski/board: 1 mile Bike: 7-11 miles Run: 4-5 miles

COST: $52

GET INFO: silvermt.com


WHY YOU DO IT: For 34 years, triathletes have been starting and finishing this half-Ironman-distance race at Medical Lake's Waterfront Park

DATE: May 30

DISTANCE: Swim: 1.2 miles Bike: 56 miles Run: 13.1 miles

COST: $175

GET INFO: troikatriathlon.com


WHY YOU DO IT: This race includes a family distance Retro Tri, which means a cheaper, noncompetitive and shorter event perfect for all ages

DATE: Early June

DISTANCE: Swim: ¼ mile Bike: 11 miles Run: 3.1 miles

COST: $25

GET INFO: buduracing.com


WHY YOU DO IT: For kids 12 and younger, the pressure is off for this untimed triathlon; each child chooses from a range of distances and everyone gets a medal at the finish line

DATE: June 13

DISTANCE: Swim: 20-100 yards Bike: 0.9-3.6 miles Run: 0.25-1 mile

COST: $15

GET INFO: tri-fusion.com


WHY YOU DO IT: The tough triathletes who take on this grueling race will be able to vie for 50 qualifying slots in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii

DATE: June 28

DISTANCE: Swim: 2.4 miles Bike: 112 miles Run: 26.2 miles

COST: $625

GET INFO: ironman.com


WHY YOU DO IT: Drink in the lake scenery while supporting the Viking Foundation, a local organization focusing on education, music, arts and athletics for high school students

DATE: July 11

DISTANCE: Swim: 0.5 miles Bike: 12 miles Run: 3.1 miles

COST: $65

GET INFO: haydentri.com


WHY YOU DO IT: This Liberty Lake race is only for the women — and as a sprint distance triathlon, it's also beginner-friendly

DATE: July 12

DISTANCE: Swim: mile Bike: 12 miles, Run: 3 miles

COST: $90

GET INFO: valleygirltri.com


WHY YOU DO IT: The water and land are on your side for this sprint-distance tri; swim with the current of the Spokane River and run through the flat terrain in Coeur d'Alene City Park

DATE: July 26

DISTANCE: Swim: 0.5 miles, Bike: 10.7 miles, Run: 3.1 miles

COST: $50

GET INFO: racetheriver.com


WHY YOU DO IT: Never done a triathlon? These short distances are great for first-timers

DATE: Aug. 1

DISTANCE: Swim: 1,200 feet, Bike: 10 miles, Run: 3.4 miles

COST: $45

GET INFO: medical-lake.org


WHY YOU DO IT: If you choose the sprint-distance option, you'll get to mountain bike and take in the view of one of the biggest, most breathtakingly beautiful lakes in North Idaho

DATE: Aug. 29

DISTANCE: Swim: 350 yards, Bike: 11 miles, Run: 3.1 miles

COST: $65

GET INFO: priestlakerace.comt

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